The Lytro Camera

The 3 Lytro Cameras

Well, they’re finally announced. Lytro officially presented the Lytro camera at a press conference earlier this week. These cameras are based on Plenoptics. Plenoptic (cameras) use microlens array to capture a 4D light field information about a scene. This is also based on light-field technology.

For a photographer, whether amateur or professional, the Lytro technology means that the headaches of focusing a shot go away.
-Steve Lohr, The New York Times

The theory behind the Lytro cameras is to capture living images. You can take a picture, and then refocus it later on any part of your photo. Lytro says with no auto-focus motor will mean no shutter delay. So in simple terms, that means capture the moment you want to capture without delay. They also say it will be integrated so all computers can view it, even your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and soon to a mobile device such as phones and tablets.

So the camera has a 8X optical zoom lens, with constant f/2 aperture (to capture maximum light). It is 4.4 inches long by 1.6 inches square, and weighs less than 8 ounces. On their website, they say the batter is a long-life Li-Ion battery. It has an aluminium casing, and the screen is multitouch. And of course, it’s very speedy because there’s no auto-focus meter, making it very quick and no time last trying to focus your image.

So with all these cool features, what’s the price and internal memory? Well, first off (and I find this weird), black and graphite cameras are 8GB only, at $399 USD. THese means it can take up to 350 Lytro pictures. There is a 16GB version, but only in red priced at $499USD. Your picture files are .lfp, which means Light Field Picture file. So expect that file type to merging soon.

However, at the current moment there are some drawbacks. You need Mac in order to view these pictures. But a Widows application is “in development.” Oh, and if you want a replacement lens cap, you’ll have to buy it separately. And it uses a micro-usb for data and charging, so maybe no wall charging at the moment.

So that’s the Lytro camera!

*As seen on Jordan’s Tech Stop


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