Wappalyzer – A Tool That Identifies Technologies Used In Websites

Wappalyzer's logo

If you haven’t heard of Product Hunt, you’re missing out big time! Product Hunt, which was founded by Ryan Hoover, is an online website that shines light on the latest, geekiest products, mobile apps, websites, and more every day!

Wappalyzer, which was posted on May 3rd, has been voted the best product of the day with a total of 376 votes at the time of this writing. What does it do? Wappalyzer is a software – as a startup – that identifies technologies used to build a variety of websites. The fact that it comes as a browser extension makes it so much more valuable to the user – it’s easy to access. Furthermore, Wappalyzer detects content managment systems, eCommerce platforms, web servers, JavaScript frameworks, and even analytic tools just to name a few.

At the time of this writing, Wappalyzer has identified 745 technologies 6,957,299,416 times on 75,981,973 sites. Not only are these numbers very impressive, they continue to skyrocket every second.

On its landing page, Wappalyzer lists the leading technologies of several industry’s. For instance, the “Advertising Networks” industry’s leading technology is Google AdSense. The leading technology for the “Blog” industry, however, is WordPress. And last but not least, the leading technology for the “Maps” industry is Google Maps (a no-brainer :-)).

Wappalyzer allows you to download a browser extension with which you can do a limited number of things; however, it also allows you to pay for website lists which deliver valuable insights to software creators and marketeers.


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