How To Add More Dock Icons To Your iOS Device

Adding one more icon to the dock on an iOS device does have its benefits. It sure is nicer than just having the four main icons and Jay Freeman, the inventor of Cydia, is responsible for developing a free jailbreak application. The five icon dock will allow you to add a total of five icons on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad dock. This application is available in the Cydia store and will allow you to add your favourite application of choice as your fifth icon.

How to install this application on your iOS device:

1). Install and launch Cydia from your iOS device.

2). Once you have launched Cydia, open a search tab, and type “Five Icon Deck.” Cydia is case sensitive, so make sure that you are typing the exact letters shown within the quotes.

3). Now install the package on your iOS device.

4). After installation you can drag and drop your favourite applications to your home-screen.

5). Restart the device for the changes to take place.

6). Now you are able to add a fifth application of your choice to the dock of your iOS device.

That’s it! You’re done! You will see five applications in your dock. Please note that you must have a jail-broken iOS device to use this method. Enjoy!

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