FIFA 13 | A New Beginning!

FIFA 13 has not even been on shelves for a month now and EA Sports has already sold over 4,000,000 copies. To be exact, those 4 million copies were sold in just 5 days after the release, which took place on the 25th of September. I guess there is a reason behind FIFA 13 being the best selling sports title in history. That’s quite an achievement EA, congratulations!

The game has attracted hundreds of complaints after online issues plagued users.

Let’s get to the point. FIFA 13 is a major improvement upon FIFA 12 due to numerous reasons. Electronic Arts has implemented a variety of new features such as: EAS FC catalogue, EAS FC Match Day, skill games, and others. The EAS FC catalogue now allows players to purchase various “boosts” and items which give the player certain rewards. For example, I am at level 50 so I could decide to purchase the “Push ups Goal Celebration” for 600 EAS FC  credits. I find the catalogue to be a neat feature because it allows for more fun and less rage, once you start playing you will understand. 🙂

Skill games played a large part in the promotion of FIFA 13, and I find that it has not lived up to its standards. Yes, the skill games are fun at first, however you will find that they become quite mundane as you progress in your FIFA career. With that being said, they are extremely much fun when you’re bored or trying to compete with your friends.

The FIFA 13 game features real players and team, and is the bestselling sports game in history.

FIFA ultimate team is very different this year, not only has the layout changed dramatically, the modes have been affected as well. The single matches have been removed, however, EA has implemented a new “tournament” mode that replaced the single matches in which you start at division 5 and work yourself towards division 1. I found that FUT 13 is very similar to the “seasons” game mode now, since the only two options of getting into a game is by playing FUT seasons offline or online.

FIFA 13 is by far the better game when compared to the previous FIFA’s, however there’s still some bumps here and there. It’s a really fun and enjoyable game that can be enjoyed by nearly any age groups and provides for a lot of fun and competitiveness among friends. I would recommend to pick up your copy as soon as possible, as I think the price has gone down a bit. Watch the official FIFA 13 trailer below!

Apple’s iPhone 4, App Store Set World Records For Gaming

Apple’s success with the iPhone 4 and the Apple App Store has earned the company several impressive records in the 2011 Gamer’s Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. Analysts estimate that 1.5 million iPhone 4 units were sold during launch day, for this reason Apple has earned the title of “Fastest Selling Portable Gaming System” for its popular smart phone, as certified by Guinness World Records, the LA Times reports. Let us compare, Sony’s Playstation Portable sold just 200,000 units on its launch day, which was in 2005, while the Nintendo DS sold over 500,000 units in its first week of availability, which took place in November 2004. “The release of the iPhone has not just changed the mobile industry, but the video game world too,” said Gaz Deaves, Guinness World Records Gaming Editor. “With the never-ending App Store selection and an intuitive device, Apple has created a gigantic new space for itself in the casual games genre that literally brings entertainment to users wherever they may be.”

The Apple App Store has also been awarded records for being the “Most Popular Application Marketplace” and the “Largest Downloadable Video Game Store.” Using numbers from September 2010, Guinness World Records have noted in a statement that Apple had received over 6.5 billion downloads since the launch of its App Store and hosted 259,740  application, including 61 flatulence simulators. Apple’s App Store with 37,362 games make other competitors look tiny. For example, the PC game download service Steam only offers 1,110 titles, whereas Microsoft’s Xbox Live Indie Arcade has 1,300 titles and the Japanese Virtual Console Store offers 576 games. Apple also set the record for the “Largest Launch Line-up of Any Gaming System” with the over 500 available on the first day of business for the App Store.

iOS developers also took home several world records for their work. Rovio’s “Angry Birds” game was noted as the “Top Paid-For App Store Game in Most Countries.” As of October 2010, Angry Birds was recognized as the top paid-for game in the App Store in a record of 67 territories worldwide. Rovio boss Peter Vesterbacka announced last month at the Globile Mobile Internet Conference that total downloads of the game on all platforms had reached 140 million. According to Vesterbacka, Apple “changed everything” about the mobile gaming industry with the release of the iPhone.

In the meanwhile, PopCap‘s “Plant Vs. Zombies” set the record for “Fastest-Selling iPhone/iPod Strategy Game” with more than 300,000 paid downloads in its first 9 days of being on the App Store. “Tap Tap Revenge” also scored big as the “Most Popular iPhone Game Series” with more than 15 million downloads. Apple has reportedly hired away two key gaming industry PR veterans from Nintendo and Activision in an effort to ramp up gaming on iOS.

Where’s Waldo? HD – In Hollywood: A Must Have For The iPad!

Don’t you remember those fun times as a child? Picking up “Where’s Waldo” books & spending hours trying to find him? Now, you can continue this fun by purchasing Where’s Waldo HD – In HollyWood for only $1.99 Where’s Waldo HD was developed & published by Ludia, the same publisher that published “The Price is Right HD”, which we wrote a review about a couple of days ago. Where’s Waldo HD – In HollyWood was released to the Apple App Store on December 15th, & is probably one of Ludia’s best games! 🙂

Now let’s get into the actual review of the game. The game features a “Story Mode”, a “Vs Odlaw” mode, & a ” Vs. Player” Mode. The story mode features 10 scenes (Pictures) of the “Movie” that the mode is based on. Each scene will have at least 3 different mini-games you can play. Also, you will have to collect at least 3 stars in each scene, for a total of 37 stars at the end of the story mode. In each scene you’ll be able to pick which mini-game you’d like to play. You can play the regular “Find Waldo” in which you’ll need to locate Waldo & other small pictures in the picture. If you don’t want to do that, you’ll also have the choice of playing the same style of game, just a bit harder as the pictures you’ll have to find will slowly disappear. If both of those mini-games aren’t for you, maybe the last one will be. In this mode you’ll have to find pictures in the picture that correspond with the sentence or string of words given to you at the top of the screen. This is probably the easiest mini-game, as the words make it very easy to find the right picture. Those are all the things you have to complete in order to finish the scene, but there’s one bonus you can get. In the picture that you’ll be locating different objects or people, there will also be letters hidden cleverly that spell Hollywood when found.

As we all probably already know, finding Waldo can become a bit frustrating. This is why the developers added a feature that will make it a lot easier for the user to find their specific object or person. This feature is a dog bone. They are hidden all around the picture. You’ll be able to have up to 5 bones only, when you run out, you’ll have to locate some more in order to receive hints.

I must say that all the scenes have great pictures that make it some-what difficult for the user to find their specific object or person. I really like how the developers added different features to the game, such as the various mini-games each scene contains. Without these, Wheres’ Waldo HD would probably become quite boring after some time.

After earning 30 stars in the story mode, the “Vs. Odlaw” mode gets unlocked. The Vs. Odlaw mode is quite fun to be honest. It allows you to continue the fun of finding Waldo in all these Hollywood locations. The environments in Where’s Waldo HD play a crucial role & I think that everyone enjoys exploring Hollywood, am I not right? 🙂

The Vs. Player mode allows you to play against another player on the same iPad. This is another great feature as it offers an abundance of fun, especially when competing! 🙂 In this mode you’ll be able to pick from the 10 different scenes shown in story mode. The first player to find their 5 specified items wins. All though this sounds easy, it’s not as player 2 can easily “come back” & decrease your points by finding their specified items.

Again, Where’s Waldo HD – In HollyWood is definitely great fun for everyone! It offers great joy for a long period of time. It’s definitely not hard to spend 1-2 hours playing Where’s Waldo HD. If you’re a big Waldo fan, you should definitely purchase this application. As of now, there’s absolutely nothing to complain about when it comes to Ludia’s latest game. It even allows the user to have up to 6 different accounts. All I can say is “Wow!”! 🙂 Where’s Waldo? HD – In Hollywood deserves a mega 5/5!

iPad Screenshot 2

Have you already purchased Where’s Waldo? HD – In Hollywood? Do you enjoy playing it? Let us know! 🙂

Dr.NanoX: Incredible Voyage Inside The Body Now Available!

1-2 weeks ago we published a sneak preview of the upcoming Dr.NanoX: Incredible Voyage Inside The Body. Dr. NanoX has finally been accepted into the Apple App Store & currently costs $1.99 Dr. NanoX was developed & published by Mission Critical Studios.

Dr. NanoX is a 3D Platformer where you, Dr. NanoX, shrink down to enter patients that have been quarantined with unknown pathogens, diseases, & parasites. Your job as the player is to kill all pathogens & parasites until your patient is healthy again. When you first start the campaign, an informative tutorial leads you through all the basic controls. The game uses Dual Stick controls, which makes it a lot easier to kill parasites & move around faster. Unfortunately, when moving Dr. NanoX, the game starts to lag a bit & isn’t as smooth. The moving controls could definitely be a lot faster & smoother, since you’d want to kill all your enemies with as little delay as possible. The 3D graphics are definitely good for a start, but could definitely be worked on. The 3D graphics make the game look “rough” & by that I mean not very smooth & elegant. Dr. NanoX is an absolutely new type of game to iOS devices. It’s a never seen before adventure game for the iPhone & iPod Touch!

Dr. NanoX also features Multi-player! In Multi-player you’re able to fly around in a jet-pack blasting your competitors in a grab the blood cell match. Multi-player is definitely a great asset. Multi-player has become a very high demand for iOS gamers these days. Dr. NanoX’s Multi-player is great fun & not worth missing.

Here are some additional features that Dr. NanoX has:

  • Large areas of 3D terrain of environments based on the REAL THING!
  • Grappler Gun, Love Doctor Shrinker Gun, the Irradiator, Jet Pack and much more
  • Large and small Nano Bots, Mutated Creatures, Monster Parasites!
  • Use special weapons to blast your enemies!
  • Global and local leaderboard
  • In-Game Automatic Save Points
  • Submit your score to Facebook and Twitter

As you see, Dr. NanoX features an abundance of more great things! You’ll be able to use lots of special weapons to blast your enemies. The game’s also configured with Facebook & Twitter so that you can easily update your newest scores. The Multi-player mode also brings Global & local leader-boards into the game. You’ll be able to compare your score with friends or other players. Dr. NanoX is also compatible with Apple`s Game Center application where you can battle for scores & get achievements.

We encourage you to give Dr. NanoX: Incredible Voyage Inside The Body a try. See if you enjoy it! If you’d like to learn more about Dr.NanoX, please visit their website or E-mail them through their “Contact Us” page on their website.

iPhone Screenshot 2

Tell us our opinion on the game!

Firemint Announced Real Racing 2 Coming To iPhone Soon!

I wish I had any details on this. Any details at all. But, instead, all I have is the following image which Firemint sent us mere moments ago announcing Real Racing 2:

We loved the original Real Racing, and really, it’s hard to imagine what they could even be including in its sequel. My personal list of things I hope to see include a more fleshed our career mode, car customization similar to Gran Turismo, and even more tracks. More details are coming “soon” from Firemint. How soon is anyone’s guess, but my money is on Real Racing 2 being a holiday release. If you’d like to check out our previous post about Real Racing HD coming to the iPad, click here.

We’ll have to wait and see!

What are your expectations for Real Racing 2? Tell us in the comments!

Zombieville USA HD For iPad. Makes The iPad Even More Fun!

One of 2009’s best selling games has just gotten better, with sharper visuals, redesigned controls, and new features such as friendly survivors and vehicles! It’s the definitive Zombie experience on the App Store – ZomZombieville USA HD for iPadbieville USA HD! When your town is overrun by the walking dead, there’s only one thing left to do – go through their pockets and look for loose change! As survivor of the Zombie Apocalypse, it is your job to defend yourself with numerous weapons while killing all the zombies coming your way. This might sound extremely easy, but trust me, it gets a lot harder while you advance in levels.

There are roughly 99 levels, as you advance in each level, zombies become faster & a lot more aggressive. You’re job is to kill all the zombies in each level. In order to do so, you’ll need to collect cash (Raiding houses or killing zombies) & then buy either weapons or ammo. Zombieville USA HD is definitely a great game for the iPad. It takes the fun from the iPhone version & makes it even more fun! The animation & graphics on the iPad version are extremely good, I can’t explain just how good they are. 😛 Are you interested in some of the 18 weapons featured in this game? Here are some of them:

  • Rocket LauncherZombieville USA HD for iPad
  • Chainsaw
  • Pistol
  • Flame-Thrower
  • Katanas
  • Shotgun
  • Machine gun

These are some of the 18 weapons in Zombieville HD, but there are even better ones! 😀 Imagine you’re playing Zombieville HD, & for some reason you’re being called by someone. Don’t worry, the game won’t vanish. It conveniently saves your progress & opens it once you start playing again.

Below are some of the User comments:

Best game ever! So addicting, I accidentely wasted 80 % of my battery on this game! Has anyone beat level 45 and 1000 Zombie kills? Buy it! It’s definitely worth the money! –Sims_man

I highly recommend this game.. its fun and easy. Graphics are great. I love the flash animation look. Great Job by the developers!! –rye73

Interested in purchasing Zombieville USA HD? Visit this link:

Learn More about Zombieville by visiting their website:

TrainYard Express [Free] Now Available. Try It Out!

If you heard about Trainyard, from your friends, relatives, or even websites, I advise you to purchase the game. But if you’re not very sure about what the game is, I recommend you to either read our previous review about it or download the free demo, TrainYard Express. TrainYard Express is exactly the same as TrainYard, but as expected, it doesn’t consist of as many features that the paid application contains. TrainYard Express is a good way to test out the game & see if you like & enjoy it. You may ask what the difference is between them? Well, TrainYard Express only consists of 60 Puzzles, whereas TrainYard consists of 150. Keep in mind that all of these puzzles are unique & don’t overlap.

Following, are some features that TrainYard Express has:

+ Innovative and challenging puzzle mechanic
+ Smooth difficulty curve
+ Over 60 fantastic puzzles
+ Hundreds of ways to solve each puzzle
+ Easily share your unique solutions on
+ Looks GREAT on the iPad
+ Engineered for low battery usage
+ Colour-blind mode

The great thing about this application is that it is specifically engineered for low battery usage. Playing this game will not bring down your battery percentage any time soon. That’s a great feature!

Read More on TrainYard here:

Test-out the Free version & see if you like it? The paid version is on sale for a limited amount of time, so you better make up your mind quickly! 🙂

Have you tried TrainYard? Do you enjoy solving puzzles? Tell us in the comments! 😛