Alleged iPhone 5 Cases Already Being Sold

Chinese case makers have already started selling alleged iPhone 5 cases around China. One report calls the cases, “everywhere in China”. Earlier this week a picture appeared of a next generation iPhone case. The picture clearly showed that the case had curves and a larger home button area. Since then, there have been rumours of the iPhone 5 having curves, similar to the iPhone 3Gs. But that wasn’t the only thing you were able to determine from the picture, since the cases showed a much larger area for the home button.

One vendor is selling these silicon cases on a Chinese trade site,, for 2CNY which is about $0.31, however each with a minimum order of 500 pieces. The new cases contradict some pre-existing rumours regarding Apple’s next iPhone. In May, there were reports of the Flash for Apple’s iPhone 5 to be moved away from the rear-end camera, yet the picture shows the flash in the exact same position as in the iPhone 4.

Purported iPhone 5 cases

Numerous iPhone reports had also suggested that the iPhone 5 would only have slight modifications from the previous iPhone, and some were calling the next device an iPhone 4Gs. Chinese case manufacturers have in the past been the source of leaks of upcoming Apple products, such as the iPad 2. Last year, Foxconn became suspicious of the iPad 2 leaks and had contacted the police. Then, last December, Foxconn had fired 3 employees.

We’ll see if these cases really were accurate in September, when the iPhone 5 is rumoured to launch.

Rumour: Apple Working On iTunes Subscription Service?

Apple is reportedly putting together an iTunes Subscription service that would provide users unlimited songs at a monthly flat-rate. Doesn’t this seem a little crazy. Nobody would have expected Apple to do this with iTunes. All though this is just a rumour, there is a big chance of this happening, as well as with the persistent Verizon iPhone Rumours. If the rumour keeps coming & coming, there’s a big chance of it becoming true.

The latest version of the story comes from the New York Post, this time with some specifics: The service could cost between $10 and $15 per month, with multiple tiers depending on how much music you get and how long it’s available.

When these rumours pop-up over & over again, I start believing them. I think this is the same deal as with the persistent Verizon iPhone Rumours, all of them will eventually become the truth.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of an iTunes subscription service? Tell us in the comments below.

2nd Gen. iPad to have USB Port & Camera? [Rumour]

Apple iPad 2nd Gen.

According to a few analysts, Apple’s next iPad will be thinner & lighter. In addition to those specs, it will also have a Camera & a mini-USB port. This isn’t one of the greatest rumours, but it’s better than nothing. Obviously Apple will have to include a Camera, if not two, to the iPad, since the iPod Touch 4th Generation & the iPhone both have one. Now that companies such as HP, Samsung, & RIM are entering the Tablet Market too, Apple must include a camera on the 2nd Generation iPad.

However, the part about the mini-USB port is still unclear. Apple’s never used any USB ports on their mobile devices, & I doubt that they’ll change their mind about the iPad. They’ve always used the pin connector on the mobile devices they shipped. There are all sorts of adapters designed for Apple’s pin connector, so I think it would be very unlikely for Apple to have a mini USB port on the 2nd Gen iPad.

What’s your opinion? Do you think Apple’s going to include a mini USB port into the 2nd Gen iPad? Do you think there are more things to come? Tell us in the comments, down below.