TrainYard Express [Free] Now Available. Try It Out!

If you heard about Trainyard, from your friends, relatives, or even websites, I advise you to purchase the game. But if you’re not very sure about what the game is, I recommend you to either read our previous review about it or download the free demo, TrainYard Express. TrainYard Express is exactly the same as TrainYard, but as expected, it doesn’t consist of as many features that the paid application contains. TrainYard Express is a good way to test out the game & see if you like & enjoy it. You may ask what the difference is between them? Well, TrainYard Express only consists of 60 Puzzles, whereas TrainYard consists of 150. Keep in mind that all of these puzzles are unique & don’t overlap.

Following, are some features that TrainYard Express has:

+ Innovative and challenging puzzle mechanic
+ Smooth difficulty curve
+ Over 60 fantastic puzzles
+ Hundreds of ways to solve each puzzle
+ Easily share your unique solutions on
+ Looks GREAT on the iPad
+ Engineered for low battery usage
+ Colour-blind mode

The great thing about this application is that it is specifically engineered for low battery usage. Playing this game will not bring down your battery percentage any time soon. That’s a great feature!

Read More on TrainYard here:

Test-out the Free version & see if you like it? The paid version is on sale for a limited amount of time, so you better make up your mind quickly! 🙂

Have you tried TrainYard? Do you enjoy solving puzzles? Tell us in the comments! 😛