iPad Mini Event: 5 Things To Expect From Apple’s Special Event

Tomorrow (Oct. 23, 2012)  is the day Apple is planning to hold a special event that will most likely only revolve around the new iPad Mini. There’s been an abundance of rumors about the new mini tablet and it’s supposedly to sport a 7.85-inch screen and give customers up to 24 different configurations to choose from. We’ve been informed that the iPad Mini could start retailing for as little as $249, making it one of the top competitors in the smaller tablet market, alongside the Google Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD.

We expect Apple’s special event to mainly revolve around their new unveiling — the iPad Mini — however with occasional tangents here and there. We thought it might be a good idea to look at some of the things Apple will likely do at the Oct. 23 event. 

Apple's Oct. 23 iPad Mini Event

1. The unveiling of Apple’s iPad Mini

There is an extremely strong chance of the iPad Mini being unveiled at Apple’s Oct. 23 event. If all the rumors are correct, the device will sport a 7.85-inch screen and the lightning adapter. Besides four storage options, three connectivity services and two colors, it’ll come in 24 flavors to choose from. — It would be great if Apple were to offer more variety in colors!

2.  A Mac Mini

When was the last time Apple updated their Mac Mini? It has  been quite a while and if the rumors are true, Apple will end up launching a new version of the computer. However, the Mac Mini isn’t the only device in store for an update, as Apple are also looking at updating their Mac Mini servers.

3. The ubiquitous iPad sales statistics

As with every other Apple event, Apple takes pride in showing off their sales and success. It is to be expected that Tim Cook, or one of his colleagues, will take the time to boast about the amount of iPad sales Apple has to this point in time. Apple seem to enjoy a little bit of boasting now and then, however, it is proven to work — it has us running to the stores to purchase their latest product!

4. A starting price of $249

The latest rumors claim that Apple might start the iPad Mini model at $249.  That price would guarantee a customer an 8GB model with Wi-Fi-only connectivity. Too show a comparison, Apple’s current iPad starts at $499. The Wi-Fi only model might not appeal to the majority of customers, however, for the price it’s an excellent buy!

5. 4G LTE support

Apple might go as far as setting a new standard in their newly entered market. There have been rumors regarding 4G LTE support for the iPad Mini. Apple would definitely be one step ahead their competitors if they decided to integrate this into their new device — no doubt. However, small tablets typically only support Wi-Fi so it will be exciting to see what Apple has decided to do.

Mac App Store To Open December 13th? [Rumour]

mac app store on a macbook air

An inside source has apparently told AppleTell that Apple is looking at launching the Mac App Store on December 13th. Apparently, the company told developers to have their software ready for a launch as early as December 6th. But as today is December 6th & Apple has made no announcements regarding the Mac App Store, we doubt it’s going to happen today. Steve Jobs does want the Mac App Store to be released as soon as possible. There is definitely a push to release it before Christmas. Apple is well ahead of schedule. The Mac App Store was originally planned to be released

in early January 2011 & now that an inside source has given hints about a potential release on December 13th, there’s no doubt that Apple’s ahead of their schedule!

If the Mac App Store really gets released on December 13th, Apple fans will be extremely happy for Apples early Christmas gift. Developers will finally be able to get their software “out there” & make some extra “pocket-money” for the Christmas holidays. Well, all we can do now is wait. We’ll have to see if the inside source was correct.

What’s your opinion on this rumour? Do you think Apple’s really ahead of their schedule? Are you excited for the opening of the Mac App Store? Tell us in the comments! 🙂

Mac App Store: “Will Be Open Soon”.

Log in to the Mac Dev Center for details on setting up an iTunes Connect account, creating Apple-issued Mac Distribution Certificates, and preparing your apps for the review process.

While we still don’t know the actual date of the Mac App Store release, we know it’s getting closer! Developers recently received an E-mail from Apple indicating that the Mac App Store will soon be released.

According to the E-mail:

The Mac App Store will be open soon, providing customers around the world a new way to explore and purchase apps made just for Mac. Ensure your app is ready when we open the Mac App Store — submit it for review today.

Log in to the Mac Dev Center for details on setting up an iTunes Connect account, creating Apple-issued Mac Distribution Certificates, and preparing your apps for the review process.

I would guess that the debut of the Mac App Store would be in early January. But who knows? Maybe Apple will suprise us with an early christmas present… 🙂

When do you think Apple will release the Mac App Store?

AppFresh Daily – The Very Best Apps From The Last 24 Hours

AppFresh Daily – The Very Best Apps From The Last 24 Hours

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