iPad Mini Event: 5 Things To Expect From Apple’s Special Event

Tomorrow (Oct. 23, 2012)  is the day Apple is planning to hold a special event that will most likely only revolve around the new iPad Mini. There’s been an abundance of rumors about the new mini tablet and it’s supposedly to sport a 7.85-inch screen and give customers up to 24 different configurations to choose from. We’ve been informed that the iPad Mini could start retailing for as little as $249, making it one of the top competitors in the smaller tablet market, alongside the Google Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD.

We expect Apple’s special event to mainly revolve around their new unveiling — the iPad Mini — however with occasional tangents here and there. We thought it might be a good idea to look at some of the things Apple will likely do at the Oct. 23 event. 

Apple's Oct. 23 iPad Mini Event

1. The unveiling of Apple’s iPad Mini

There is an extremely strong chance of the iPad Mini being unveiled at Apple’s Oct. 23 event. If all the rumors are correct, the device will sport a 7.85-inch screen and the lightning adapter. Besides four storage options, three connectivity services and two colors, it’ll come in 24 flavors to choose from. — It would be great if Apple were to offer more variety in colors!

2.  A Mac Mini

When was the last time Apple updated their Mac Mini? It has  been quite a while and if the rumors are true, Apple will end up launching a new version of the computer. However, the Mac Mini isn’t the only device in store for an update, as Apple are also looking at updating their Mac Mini servers.

3. The ubiquitous iPad sales statistics

As with every other Apple event, Apple takes pride in showing off their sales and success. It is to be expected that Tim Cook, or one of his colleagues, will take the time to boast about the amount of iPad sales Apple has to this point in time. Apple seem to enjoy a little bit of boasting now and then, however, it is proven to work — it has us running to the stores to purchase their latest product!

4. A starting price of $249

The latest rumors claim that Apple might start the iPad Mini model at $249.  That price would guarantee a customer an 8GB model with Wi-Fi-only connectivity. Too show a comparison, Apple’s current iPad starts at $499. The Wi-Fi only model might not appeal to the majority of customers, however, for the price it’s an excellent buy!

5. 4G LTE support

Apple might go as far as setting a new standard in their newly entered market. There have been rumors regarding 4G LTE support for the iPad Mini. Apple would definitely be one step ahead their competitors if they decided to integrate this into their new device — no doubt. However, small tablets typically only support Wi-Fi so it will be exciting to see what Apple has decided to do.

Thank You Steve, For Everything

On October 5th, 2011, former Apple CEO and Chairman Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56. This was such a sad and shocking day for the World, for Jobs had inspired millions around the World with his innovative and slick products. Steve was a one-of-a-kind, he will not be replaced within this century. Steve had been battling pancreatic cancer since 2004. It’s disappeared and reappeared throughout the years. Unfortunately it got the better of him on October 5th, as he died surrounded by his family and friends. The Apple Board of Directors, yesterday, released a statement saying:

We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today. Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve. His greatest love was for his wife, Laurene, and his family. Our hearts go out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts.

Over the years Steve as revolutionized the technology industry. He has brought so many new kinds of technologies to this planet, that otherwise might not even be here today. Look around your room… I bet you there’s at least one Apple product near you. It’s quite amazing and extraordinary how a man like Jobs has affected our living space, our favorite music, our favorite movies, and our favorite devices. Where would we be without this important man? Nobody knows; and thank god that this man founded Apple. I remember one of the first videos that I watched, regarding Steve Jobs, on YouTube, was his Stanford University Commencement Speech which took place in 2005.  Here’s one of the most powerful quote’s that you will ever read:

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma–which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. – Steve Jobs

We are extremely saddened by the death of a great technology mogul, and wanted to write our own message to him. This is our message to Steve Jobs & his family:

We are all shocked and stunned by the death of a hero. Steve was a one-of-a-kind technology mogul, he can’t be replaced. Not only was Steve one of the most successful CEO’s of all time, he inspired the World with his extraordinary and special products. He will be missed greatly, and our condolences go out to Steve’s family, his friends, his relatives, and his company.

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A Look at Google Plus

Google Plus…the next social network. And by far, one of the better products Google has released in the years (yes, it’s better than Google Buzz!). Google Plus launched a few months ago to beta users, and now it’s available to public, with millions of accounts being opened every day!

So they have 5 main features of Google Plus. Circles, Hangouts, Instant Upload, Sparks and Huddle.

Circles is a feature, and basically means “friends.” When you press on the circle page on your profile, you’ll see your friend list. But of course, you have to have friends first! So the friend adding is basically like Twitter. You subscribe to a friend, and they subscribe to you. Simple. And you get to verify people who follow you. Another part of circles is that you can create your own circle. Similar to groups on Facebook, you create a circle name, and then you can drag your friends into that corresponding circle. For example, you could drag all your family members into a family circle.

Next is Hangouts. It’s basically like Skype, video and voice chatting between friends, BUT you don’t have to pay. You can talk with a circle or your friends. Also, if you’re doing a hangout, on your wall will display, “Your name is hanging out with *the number of people your hanging out with.” So they can join too (one thing I don’t like).

Next is the photos (Instant Upload). Uploading photos is easy in Google Plus. You just drag your photos into your uploader. Click Upload New Photos, and just drag your photos in.

Next is Sparks. A feautre that lets you tell people what you’re interested in. Search a topic in your search bar, and click add interest.

Last is Huddle. It’s basically a chat feature, with multiperson capabilities. Google says, “Huddle turns all those different conversations into one simple group chat, so everyone gets on the same page all at once. Your thumbs will thank you.”

The good things to Google Plus is privacy. It allows you to post to your circles, to yourself, and make it non public. It supports mobile devices also.

Some bad things are you have to be over 18. So if you already set your Google Profile to an age under 18, you can’t currently use Google Plus. And you cannot change your age in Google. If you’re making a Plus account, make sure your age is over 18.

So that’s Google Plus. Enjoy!

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iPad Being Spent With More Than PC, T.V, Radio, Book Reading [Survey]

The iPad is having a large impact on today’s population. The iPad is even being blamed for the slowing of the PC consumer market. A new survey by Google’s AdMob shows iPad use is taking the place of a wide variety of other activities. The survey of 1,400 tablet users was held by Google’s AdMob, which consistently referred to those being interviewed as being “tablet users”, rather than iPad users. “Tablets are growing in popularity and changing the way that we consume content,” the report noted. “People are spending considerable time with tablet devices and using them to play games, browse the web and search for information. Growth in the tablet market is only accelerating with companies releasing new products, and media companies and developers creating content specifically for these new devices.”

The report did not include that there are over 65,000 unique titles available for Apple’s iPad, while there are about two dozen available for Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet platform. Something the report did include though, was that a reported %68 spent at least 1 hour on their tablet each day, and that %82 of them primarily use their iPad at home. Only %28 of the interviewees said their tablet was their main computer, whereas %77 said that their desktop or laptop decreased after they started using a tablet.

More than half the people interviewed said they spend more time on their tablet than reading books or listening to the radio, while more than quarter reported spending more time on a tablet than using the computer or phone, and a third said they spend more time on their tablet than watching T.V.

New Book Reveals Apple’s Steve Jobs Was Targeted For Role Of Google CEO

A new book released this week exposing the inner secrets of Google reveals that the Google founders wanted Steve Jobs to be their CEO, but failed to lure him away from Apple. Steven Levy‘s just-released book on Google, entitled,“In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works and Shapes Our Lives,” allows the reader some inside looks into Google. It also notes how Apple & Google, companies that once shared a close bond, became ferocious rivals. According to the Daily Mail, when Google co-founders Sergey Brin & Larry Page were on the hunt for a Google CEO, they targeted Jobs as their first choice. When Jobs declined, Google found Eric Schmidt instead, who would become a member of Apple’s board of directors.

“He (Jobs) turned down their offer, but because he saw the potential of Google he agreed to mentor Mr. Page and Mr. Brin, even sharing advisers,” the report said. The relationship of the two companies quickly went south after Google introduced the Android operating system. Jobs felt like he had been betrayed. Jobs thought Google had simply just copied the success of the iPhone. The new books also reveals that Jobs somehow managed to keep the development of the iPad hidden. Jobs felt that the best ideas of the iPhone were stolen. Now that Eric Schmidt has been replaced by Larry page, Google is headed in a new direction. Sergey Brin will also take a more active role in strategic projects including product development. Eric Schmidt will remain as Google’s executive chairman.


BEATbox – Real Human Beatboxing – A Must Have! [Review]

Haven’t you always wanted to create your own beat using beat boxing skills? What if you didn’t have those skills? Well, now you’re able to create your own awesome beat-boxing loops using BEATbox – Real Human Beatboxing! BEATbox was developed by Baseportal GmbH & has been on the Apple App Store for roughly 2 weeks now. As of right now it costs $0.99, and is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad that run iOS 4.0 or higher.

BEATbox – Real Human Beatboxing is an awesome application that lets your create your own small beat. You’ll be able to use it anywhere, whether it be at home, at a party, at school, or at work. Once you launch the application, you’ll have the option to click anywhere on the default face displayed to make a beat. You can make each beat as fast or slow as your want to. You even have the option of changing the length of each part separately. If you made a mistake or want to change something, you’ll be able to move back & forth or just insert extra parts or overwrite existing ones. After you’ve finished creating your beat, you’ll be able to play the loop as a real video sequence in full-screen.

All in all, BEATbox – Real Human Beatboxing is a very fun, small, & addictive application! You’ll have an abundance of fun playing around with it & showing your newly created beat(s) to your friends & family. I rate this application a 5/5 stars! 🙂

If you want to find out more about BEATbox – Real Human Beatboxing, visit its website: http://beatbox.zuuw.com

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Microsoft To Respond To Apple TV With XBox 360 Based Service

Microsoft is reportedly planning to take on Apple TV & Google TV with a new subscription service that will be delivered through the company’s popular gaming console, the XBox 360.

Image representing Microsoft as depicted in Cr...

Two people familiar with the company’s plans told Reuters that Microsoft is in contact with content providers to become a “Virtual cable operator”. The service would obviously come with a monthly fee that would allow XBox 360 users to stream TV on their console.

These plans are said to be at least 12 months away. It looks like Microsoft is desperate to find ways in which the company can stay in competition with Apple & Google. It seems as everything as come down to a competition.

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Facebook Announces New “Revolutionary” E-mail Service

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Facebook announced Monday that it is building a full-fledged e-mail system into its 500-million-member-strong social network. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new e-mail offering, which the company says will be introduced to users over the next couple months.

Zuckerberg announced a unified messaging system called Facebook Messages that blends e-mail, Facebook messages, SMS, and chat into a “modern messaging service.” Facebook’s 500 million users will be able to get an @Facebook.com e-mail address that will allow them to communicate within and outside the Facebook network.

Now users won’t have to leave Facebook to send e-mail to their friends, but rather click a new e-mail link in Facebook to compose and send messages. The messaging offering has been created from the ground up and is not just an improvement of Facebook’s existing limited Messaging system.

“We can do things that will help you see the e-mails that really matter on top. It’s a similar algorithm used with the news feed to put the most important people and content on top,” Zuckerberg says.

With the ability to communicate with people outside the Facebook system, Facebook will be capturing e-mail addresses and other information that didn’t already exist on its servers. Zuckerberg acknowledges this, but says that information is being captured to make the messaging tool smarter and easier to use. He denies that the information collected via Facebook’s messaging platform will be used to target ads, or shared with advertisers or marketers, or made accessible to Facebook app makers.

Do you think this idea will change the way people communicate with each-other? Will this be revolutionary? Tell us in the comments!

WeatherEye: A Fantastic Weather Application For The iPhone

WeatherEye is a great application for finding out the current weather conditions in any given region. WeatherEye was published by Pelmorex Media Inc. & is currently free on the Apple App Store. It’s good information & lay-out give the user exactly what they need. All though it might not always be correct, I doubt you’ll be able to find a different weather application that is 100% correct with its calculations.

WeatherEye lets you chose as many regions that you want to view weather conditions for, then you can choose the ones you want to view. For each region, the app allows you to view the “Current” conditions, the “Short Term” conditions, & the “Long Term” conditions. This is quite handy as it gives the user a variety of options. But that’s not it! It also enables the user to view the “Hourly” Forecast, & look at maps of different areas. This provides you everything you need!

All though the design isn’t the best & the developers didn’t take full advantage of the iPod‘s capabilities ( Multi-touch, swiping, etc…), the application is still “usable“. That’s pretty much the only downside. WeatherEye deserves a solid 3/5!

To download WeatherEye, visit the AppStore.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 3

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President Obama Meeting With Steve Jobs This Afternoon.

President Barrack Obama is flying to the bay area from Seattle this afternoon.  He’s speaking at Google exec Marissa Mayer‘s house in Palo Alto this evening. But before that, it looks like Obama will have one-on-one time with Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs. Reached by a business insider, a White House official has confirmed the meeting.

All though the meeting with Steve Jobs is not on the official White House Calendar, it was confirmed. Below are some events on the official calendar of the White House.

President schedule