FIFA 13 | A New Beginning!

FIFA 13 has not even been on shelves for a month now and EA Sports has already sold over 4,000,000 copies. To be exact, those 4 million copies were sold in just 5 days after the release, which took place on the 25th of September. I guess there is a reason behind FIFA 13 being the best selling sports title in history. That’s quite an achievement EA, congratulations!

The game has attracted hundreds of complaints after online issues plagued users.

Let’s get to the point. FIFA 13 is a major improvement upon FIFA 12 due to numerous reasons. Electronic Arts has implemented a variety of new features such as: EAS FC catalogue, EAS FC Match Day, skill games, and others. The EAS FC catalogue now allows players to purchase various “boosts” and items which give the player certain rewards. For example, I am at level 50 so I could decide to purchase the “Push ups Goal Celebration” for 600 EAS FC  credits. I find the catalogue to be a neat feature because it allows for more fun and less rage, once you start playing you will understand. 🙂

Skill games played a large part in the promotion of FIFA 13, and I find that it has not lived up to its standards. Yes, the skill games are fun at first, however you will find that they become quite mundane as you progress in your FIFA career. With that being said, they are extremely much fun when you’re bored or trying to compete with your friends.

The FIFA 13 game features real players and team, and is the bestselling sports game in history.

FIFA ultimate team is very different this year, not only has the layout changed dramatically, the modes have been affected as well. The single matches have been removed, however, EA has implemented a new “tournament” mode that replaced the single matches in which you start at division 5 and work yourself towards division 1. I found that FUT 13 is very similar to the “seasons” game mode now, since the only two options of getting into a game is by playing FUT seasons offline or online.

FIFA 13 is by far the better game when compared to the previous FIFA’s, however there’s still some bumps here and there. It’s a really fun and enjoyable game that can be enjoyed by nearly any age groups and provides for a lot of fun and competitiveness among friends. I would recommend to pick up your copy as soon as possible, as I think the price has gone down a bit. Watch the official FIFA 13 trailer below!

Sony’s PSVita To Hit Stores Near End Of 2011

Sony unveiled their “next-generation portable” (NGP), last month, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) which was held in Los Angeles. Sony revealed that the official name for their NGP is PSVita. The PSVita is supposed to help Sony remain in the market for portable gaming, as Apple and other large companies have a large lead with products such as the iPad and iPod Touch. Sony has confirmed that the Wi-Fi version will retail for $249, however the 3G will go on sale for $299. As for the 3G version, Sony will “team-up” with AT&T, nevertheless AT&T’s issues with the 3G iPad models. When Sony announced its partnership with AT&T, the crowd let out some chuckles, yet was still respectful. An abundance of people are looking forward to the new PlayStation portable, especially because of its brand new features and specifications.

A great feature that Sony added to its new product is the new front and back multi-touch screens. They allow for better game-play experience and a lot more control over your game. Nonetheless, Sony also added motion sensors and Six-Axis sensors to the portable, the same ones found in the PlayStation controllers. Another slick feature is “Chat on the Fly”. It allows you to chat with your friends while in the midst multi-player action or while watching videos. This is quite a good new feature that will receive a lot of “plus” points for Sony. Another huge feature for the PSVita are the dual analog sticks; feel the intensity while playing first person shooters. Equally important are the front and rear cameras, they provide an augmented reality for the player so that we can merge the real world and the game.

The PlayStation Vita’s specs look quite impressive; however it’s easy to write them down, but will they actually perform?

CPU – ARM® Cortex™- A9 core (4 core)
GPU – SGX543MP4+
External Dimensions – Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm (width x height x depth) (tentative, excludes largest projection)
Screen (Touch Screen) – 5 inches (16:9), 960 x 544, Approx. 16 million colors, OLEDMulti touch screen (capacitive type)
Rear Touch Pad – Multi touch pad (capacitive type)
Cameras – Front camera, Rear camera
Sound – Built-in stereo speakers, Built-in microphone
Sensors – Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), Three-axis electronic compass
Location – Built-in GPS, Wi-Fi location service support
Wireless Communications – Mobile network connectivity (3G), IEEE 802.11b/g/n (n =
1×1)(Wi-Fi)(Infrastructure mode/Ad-hoc mode), Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR (A2DP/AVRCP/HSP)
Keys / Switches – PS button ,Power button, Directional buttons (Up/Down/Right/Left), Action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square), Shoulder buttons (Right/Left), Right stick, Left stick, START button, SELECT button,Volume buttons (+/-)

What sticks out the most is the CPU, the touch screens, and the sensors. The CPU is definitely going bring an abundance of power into this device. The gaming on Sony’s PSVita will be set to a whole new level. As I said in the paragraphs above, the touch screens will most definitely provide a better gaming experience. This is because the touch pads which are integrated into the PSVita will let the player feel like their in control of their game a lot more. The same goes for the sensors.
As of right now, the time of writing, there are 20 games that have been officially announced for the PSVita. These games include: Uncharted Golden Abyss, FIFA 12, Call Of Duty, Little Big Planet, WipeOut, Modnation Racers, and Lego Harry Potter. Of course, with Naughty Dog in the beta stages of their new game, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Uncharted will be one of the bigger games for the PSVita.
Sony’s PSVita carry’s a very slick design. I bet you there are going to be a lot of protective cases out for the PS Portable when it launches, but I have to say, it would look nicer without one. If I were to get a PSVita, I’d have to go through long and stressful thoughts regarding a case for the device.
Let’s see how the PSVita turns out. What do you think of it?

OpenFeint’s Promotional App Now Called Game Channel

Social gaming network OpenFeint has had its own app for a while now, offering news & information for players. But now the app underwent a re-branding of sorts – it is now called Game Chanel & it’s built around a groupon-style model. The app has offered up a Free App of the Day for a while now, but in addition to the freebies, it now also has a feature called “Fire Sale,” in which players can “vote” for certain games to go on sale.

It’ll be interesting to see how that works — one of the biggest issues developers are facing on the App Store is simply getting their app discovered by players, and this seems like yet another outlet for OpenFeint-enabled games to find their customers. The app also helps with discoverability in other ways as well: you can see what your friends are playing, and track leader-boards and all of OpenFeint’s other stats right there.

Firemint Announced Real Racing 2 Coming To iPhone Soon!

I wish I had any details on this. Any details at all. But, instead, all I have is the following image which Firemint sent us mere moments ago announcing Real Racing 2:

We loved the original Real Racing, and really, it’s hard to imagine what they could even be including in its sequel. My personal list of things I hope to see include a more fleshed our career mode, car customization similar to Gran Turismo, and even more tracks. More details are coming “soon” from Firemint. How soon is anyone’s guess, but my money is on Real Racing 2 being a holiday release. If you’d like to check out our previous post about Real Racing HD coming to the iPad, click here.

We’ll have to wait and see!

What are your expectations for Real Racing 2? Tell us in the comments!

Zombieville USA HD For iPad. Makes The iPad Even More Fun!

One of 2009’s best selling games has just gotten better, with sharper visuals, redesigned controls, and new features such as friendly survivors and vehicles! It’s the definitive Zombie experience on the App Store – ZomZombieville USA HD for iPadbieville USA HD! When your town is overrun by the walking dead, there’s only one thing left to do – go through their pockets and look for loose change! As survivor of the Zombie Apocalypse, it is your job to defend yourself with numerous weapons while killing all the zombies coming your way. This might sound extremely easy, but trust me, it gets a lot harder while you advance in levels.

There are roughly 99 levels, as you advance in each level, zombies become faster & a lot more aggressive. You’re job is to kill all the zombies in each level. In order to do so, you’ll need to collect cash (Raiding houses or killing zombies) & then buy either weapons or ammo. Zombieville USA HD is definitely a great game for the iPad. It takes the fun from the iPhone version & makes it even more fun! The animation & graphics on the iPad version are extremely good, I can’t explain just how good they are. 😛 Are you interested in some of the 18 weapons featured in this game? Here are some of them:

  • Rocket LauncherZombieville USA HD for iPad
  • Chainsaw
  • Pistol
  • Flame-Thrower
  • Katanas
  • Shotgun
  • Machine gun

These are some of the 18 weapons in Zombieville HD, but there are even better ones! 😀 Imagine you’re playing Zombieville HD, & for some reason you’re being called by someone. Don’t worry, the game won’t vanish. It conveniently saves your progress & opens it once you start playing again.

Below are some of the User comments:

Best game ever! So addicting, I accidentely wasted 80 % of my battery on this game! Has anyone beat level 45 and 1000 Zombie kills? Buy it! It’s definitely worth the money! –Sims_man

I highly recommend this game.. its fun and easy. Graphics are great. I love the flash animation look. Great Job by the developers!! –rye73

Interested in purchasing Zombieville USA HD? Visit this link:

Learn More about Zombieville by visiting their website:

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus For iPhone & iPod Touch Now Available! Best FPS On App Store!

Modern Combat 2: Black PegasusFinish What You Started. That’s the new slogan for Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus. Modern Combat 2 contains so many new features, that it clearly resembles the best FPS on the Apple App Store yet. The game was developed & produced by Gameloft, an American company that specializes in developing games for devices such as the iPhone, the iPod Touch, mobile Phones, & many more. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus was released by the App Store on October 7th, 2010 with already more than 1000’s of downloads. Modern Combat 2 is also featured as Apple’s “App Of the Week”, which is truly remarkable considering it was only just released several days ago. Let’s get down to the details…

Two of the main new features is the Ranking System, consisting of 72 Ranks, & the new Online player capacity. Modern Combat 2 now allows a maximum of 10 players (Modern Combat only allowed a max. of 4 players) , which gives the game a good Multi-Player reputation. With the new game modes, a max. of 10 Players/Online game, makes the game “that” much more enjoyable.  Coming to my next point… Game Modes! There are 4 Game Modes for Modern Combat 2, consisting of 2 new Modes. With “Battle” & “Team Battle” already being in the last series of Modern Combat, Modern Combat to now offers two new Modes… “Capture the Flag” & “Defuse the Bomb”. These additional modes should be quite self-explanatory to you. Having a max. of 10 Players, makes each of the Modes so much more remarkable, especially with all the action going on.

Now that I got the Online Multi-Player Specs out of the way, let’s concentrate on the offline specs. The new Campaign is truly the best one yet. The detail & graphics are great! With the Campaign being longer than usual, you’ll won’t be finding yourself bored for quite some time! 😀 With all the new guns & knifes, Modern Combat 2 really is a success!

Need I say anymore? Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus is the way to go for FPS addicts. Unfortunately the game itself costs $6.99 at the moment, but HEY! it’s better than paying $50-$60 for a Console Game. I predict that once the right time comes, Gameloft will lower the price… maybe $4.99, like several of their other games.

  • Ranking System (Consisting of 72 Ranks; XP Points)
  • Better Selection of weapons, including Knives
  • More opponents (Max. of 10 in an Online Match)
  • More Maps
  • More Game Modes
  • Awesome Campaign (Very Long)
  • Some Lag (Depends on Your Internet Connection)
  • Re-Spawing Issues
  • Price of $6.99

Download Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Here!

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Have you bought the Game? If so, how do you like it? Pros/Cons? Tell us in the Comments down below! 🙂

Modern Combat: Sandstorm Re-defines FPS Gaming on the iPhone

Modern Combat: Sandstorm is one of the best First-Person-Shooters on the iPhone & iPod Touch. It re-defines FPS gaming on the iPhone & iTouch. Sandstorm was created & published by Gameloft, an American gaming company. Lets look at what Sandstorm has to offer…

  • 10 missions featuring varied and highly polished Middle Eastern environments (city, hospital, sewers, port, lab, training camp etc…)
  • Local multiplayer (through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and online multiplayer (through Wi-Fi connection): Up to 4 players competing in Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch in 3 Multiplayer maps
  • Intuitive iPhone controls offer unprecedented game fluidity. Choose among 3 different control systems: Default Controls, Screen Tap and Virtual Sticks
  • Use a wide range of authentic, advanced weapons (2 assault rifles, sniper rifle, RPG, shotgun, submachine gun, light machine gun, heavy machine gun mounted on a moving 4X4, explosive grenades, flashbang grenades, radiation detector) enriched with a leveling system that allows the player to progressively unlock weapons and use munitions from fallen foes
  • Aim and shoot with extra precision in Sniper and Ironsight mode
  • Highly polished 3D graphics provide full immersion into the military experience and high intensity combat
  • Cinematic snippets, military voice-overs and true-to-life situations increase game realism
  • Gameloft LIVE!

The thing that makes Sandstorm such a wonderful game, is that enables the player to play online with up to 4 players (1 Vs. 1, 1 Vs. 2, or 2 Vs. 2) through Wi-Fi connection. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection, don’t worry, you’re still able to beat your friends via bluetooth (If friend own the game too). When the game was first released into the App Store, it didn’t have the feature of Online Play… unfortunately. To be honest, I don’t think nobody liked the game either, but that was before Gameloft took action & gave the players what they wanted. Now Sandstorm has been featured on the Top 25: Most Paid on the App Store.

To make the game the best that it could possibly be, Gameloft would need to fix some bugs. One of the biggest bugs is the re-spawning issue. Once you re-spawn, another play could kill you as many times as he wants, since you’ll keep re-spawning in the same place… over & over again. But other than that, Sandstorm is a wonderful game for FPS-lovers! Gameloft is definitley going to release another update so that the re-spawning issue will be fixed, I wouldn’t worry about that. If you enjoy First-person-shooter games, you should definitely check out Modern Combat: Sandstorm!

To learn more about Sandstorm & Gameloft, visit the Sandstorm web-page & Click here to follow Gameloft on Twitter, or click here to become a fan of them on Facebook.

Download Modern Combat: Sandstorm: HERE