FIFA 13 for iOS Screenshots

There hasn’t been a whole lot of news regarding FIFA lately, however, this will be better than nothing. EA Sports has released a few of the FIFA 13 screen-shots for iOS. It looks as like the graphics were improved slightly when compared to FIFA 12. It also looks as like that FIFA 13 will have its own skills stick. I’m guessing ‘skilling’ will be a lot easier and simpler to control in FIFA 13.

There isn’t a whole lot more to say as this news is so vague, but I’ll leave you with some screens from both FIFA 12 & FIFA 13 to compare.
















Dr.NanoX A New Type Of 3D Platformer For The iPhone & iPad!

The Human Body is very interesting! But recently its gotten a lot more interesting thanks to Dr.NanoX, a new iOS game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad. Dr.NanoX is an adventurous 3D Platformer game in where you control a small 3D avatar with Dual Stick Controls. Dr.NanoX, developed by Mission Critical Studios, has been developed for over a year now, and has finally been submitted to the App Store for review.

Now lets look at the actual game! In Dr.NanoX your 3D player/avatar shrinks down to enter patients and blast dangerous parasites & bacteria. Your patient has been quarantined with parasites & bacteria that have never been heard or studied about before. Your job is to enter the human body & kill all the parasites, bacteria, & other harmful organisms. You achieve this with help of the games’ dual stick controls, scientific instruments, jet-packs, & more!

Now to the part everyone’s been waiting for… Dr.NanoX also features Online Multiplayer in where players fight while flying around in a jet-pack blasting their competitors. An abundance of iOS gamers love Online Multiplayer games. When a game offers Multiplayer, it’ll usually turn into a hit! All though the graphics might not be the absolute best, I would definitely consider giving this app a try.

We’ve definitely never seen this sort of game on the App Store. It should be a great experience trying such a game for the first time! If you’d like to learn more about Dr.NanoX, please visit their website or E-mail them through their “Contact Us” page on their website.

Tell us your opinion on the game. Are you looking forward to it? Do you think it’s going to be a success? Will you give it a try?

TrainYard Express [Free] Now Available. Try It Out!

If you heard about Trainyard, from your friends, relatives, or even websites, I advise you to purchase the game. But if you’re not very sure about what the game is, I recommend you to either read our previous review about it or download the free demo, TrainYard Express. TrainYard Express is exactly the same as TrainYard, but as expected, it doesn’t consist of as many features that the paid application contains. TrainYard Express is a good way to test out the game & see if you like & enjoy it. You may ask what the difference is between them? Well, TrainYard Express only consists of 60 Puzzles, whereas TrainYard consists of 150. Keep in mind that all of these puzzles are unique & don’t overlap.

Following, are some features that TrainYard Express has:

+ Innovative and challenging puzzle mechanic
+ Smooth difficulty curve
+ Over 60 fantastic puzzles
+ Hundreds of ways to solve each puzzle
+ Easily share your unique solutions on
+ Looks GREAT on the iPad
+ Engineered for low battery usage
+ Colour-blind mode

The great thing about this application is that it is specifically engineered for low battery usage. Playing this game will not bring down your battery percentage any time soon. That’s a great feature!

Read More on TrainYard here:

Test-out the Free version & see if you like it? The paid version is on sale for a limited amount of time, so you better make up your mind quickly! 🙂

Have you tried TrainYard? Do you enjoy solving puzzles? Tell us in the comments! 😛

iJewels Is The Closest Free Application To Bejeweled That You Can Get!

iJewels might look like a pure copy of Bejeweled Blitz, but in reality, It isn’t really. It doesn’t have the “Bombs”, the “Multipliers”, or even the correct graphics. iJewels is free of charge & is one of the best applications on the App Store as of right now. If you’ve been wanting to purchase Bejeweled Blitz, which costs $2.99, & you just didn’t want to spend that much money, you should consider downloading iJewels. Come on people, it’s free & it’s the closest thing you’ll get to Bejeweled!

iJewels has contains 3 Game Modes:

  • Normal Mode
  • Timed Mode
  • Infinite Mode

Normal Mode lets you play as long as you want. All you do is connect the Gems, like you do while playing Bejeweled Blitz. As you advance each level, it takes longer & longer to complete the current level.

Timed Mode is nothing like Bejeweled Blitz. Bejeweled Blitz allows you to make as many Gem combination’s as possible in under 1 Minute. iJewels on the other hand, allows the user to make as many Gem Combination’s as fast as possible, since if you don’t make any combination’s, the timer will run our. For each combination, the timer increases a little more, until you reach the top, then you’ve reached the next level.

The Infinite Mode of iJewels basically acts like the Normal Mode. It already gives a hint in the name. It allows the user to play Infinitely.

In addition to all those Game Modes, iJewels also features Local Highscores (High Scores achieved ON the device, itself) & Online High Scores (High Scores from people all around the world). If iJewels wouldn’t have this feature, my guess would be that it would be one of the most boring-est ( 😀 ) apps in the Apple App Store.If you love Bejeweled or even Bejeweled Blitz, you should definitely download & at least try-out the Application. Give it a try & tell us what you think. Sounds fair, right? 🙂

Want to download iJewels?  Click here to be directed to the iJewels App Store Page.


iJewelsiJewels HomescreeniJewels

Dominion for iPhone & iPod Touch on the App Store!

Dominon for the iPhone & iPod Touch is a fantastic & entertaining game. It resembles “Risk”, the Hit board game, but in it’s own way. Dominion isn’t like Risk at all, in fact it’s a lot better. Dominion’s been on the App Store for quite some time now, & it’s one of the more popular games. Let’s look at what it has to offer…


  • – Local and online game play
  • – Play modes: Classic world domination, or modern objective based play
  • – Earn rewards to power-up your army
  • – Up to 5 players per game
  • – Challenging AI opponents and difficulty levels
  • – Multiple maps to conquer
  • – Crystal social gaming integration


  • – Play anyone, anywhere over WiFi or 3G
  • – Asynchronous Play: Take your turn wherever, whenever you’re ready
  • – Browse games via our online game lobby
  • – Compete against players worldwide, in multiple ranking categories
  • – Persistent player statistics

Dominion features Asynchronous Play, meaning that you’ll be able to play whenever & wherever you want! When you join a game, the details will display a certain, which represents the time you ( and others) have to complete your turn. The time’s range anywhere from 5 minutes – 24 hours. At first I was very skeptical of this feature, but now I love it.  Dominion lets you play Online ( 10 Games -at the same time- Max.) & offline.

In addition to all the features listed above, I’d like to mention how very smooth & sharp the graphics are. It’s a pleasure to play Dominion & I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys playing strategy type of games.

You can Follow Chillingo (Publisher) on Twitter & Facebook under these links:



App Store – Dominion

Dominion HD for iPad.

Apple’s Itunes now lists “Game Center” Compatible Apps.

Game Center

Apple has added some more information to the way it labels games in the iTunes App Store. Prior to the last update, people wanting to find games that were compatible with Game Center, Apples new Multi-Player platform, were forced to search for them or look for them in the special “Game Center” Icon which was featured on the “Featured” page of the App Store. Now that Apple added labels for apps that are compatible with Game Center, users will have easier & quicker access to the compatible apps.

Do you have Game Center installed on your iPod or iPhone? Are you happy about the fact that Apple placed labels on the apps that are compatible with Game Center? Tell us in the comments.

Carcassone Board Game for the iPhone & iPod Touch Now Available!

Carcassone is one of a type! It’s the perfect game for the whole family. It’s a bit challenging for the newcomers, but don’t worry, it has a superb Tutorial which you can decide to read or listen to. For the people that know the rules of this classic game, it’ll be no problem playing the game. The main aim of the classic game is to expand the “board” by appropriately placing tiles next to each other. The game also allows the player to place Farmers, Thief’s, & Knights in order to collect as many points as possible. You will be able to play with up to 5 players in the “Normal Game” mode, under “Local”. Carcassonne also allows you to play Online against anyone in the world via WI-FI or Local Multiplayer via WI-FI & Bluetooth. While playing Online Multiplayer, it’s only possible to play with 1 other person (2 in Total), but in Local Multiplayer you can choose to play with up to 4 other people (Computer or Human). A new feature added into Carcassone is called the “Solitaire” mode. This mode allows the player to complete a certain challenge with limited amount of Carcassone cards. For every card you place next to another, you will lose a certain number of points. The Points start at 1000 & will decrease every time you place a card until you completed the challenge. The aim of this mode is to finish the challenge with the highest possible points. Carcassone also features a High-Score Leaderboard. The High-Scores consist of the Solitaire mode, Local Multiplayer mode, & Internet mode, although I haven’t quite figured out what Internet mode is supposed to display. Unfortunately Online Leader boards haven’t been added into the game yet, but will soon. The downsides of Carcassone are that the turn timer while playing online takes to long, & that Multiplayer High-Scores haven’t been added into the High-Scores section yet. One more thing I like about this application is that it’s possible to play more than 1 game at a time. It’s extremely simple to play at least 5 games simultaneously, but the Pop-Ups telling you that it’s you’re turn in your other games do get quite annoying! Here are a list of other features Carcassonne has:

• Official Carcassonne game with original artwork
• 8 different AI players
• Internet multiplayer with Push Notifications
• Local network play with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
• Unique Solitaire mode
• Available in English and German
• Online and offline ranking
• Comprehensive in-game manual
• Tutorials with voice acting
• Compete for the best score in Solitaire Game of the Week
• Chat function for Internet and local network games
• Invite friends to play in-game or via email

I’ll leave it at that.

Carcassonne is definitely a great game, which could do with a few more updates, but other than that, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys puzzle games & doesn’t mind giving up a bit of time. I admit that it’s price ($4.99) is a bit too much for the game at the moment, but when the developers updates that game, Carcassonne will definitely be worth your money!

Fruit Ninja for iPhone & iPod Touch Now Available!

Normally cutting fruits is boring & non-fun; but now there’s FRUIT NINJA! FRUIT NINJA is an application created for the Iphone & Itouch, and recently FRUIT NINJA HD was released for the Ipad. The application was created with a lot of creativity, you notice this while playing the game, because of it’s unique User-Interface. Once you launch the application, a creative Home screen will appear. Although the graphics are well thought through & well designed, I think they could be improved. The graphics look a bit old-schooled; once you play FRUIT NINJA you may or may not realize what i’m saying. The aim of FRUIT NINJA is to slice as many fruits as you can without slicing bombs(1 Type of Gaming Mode). The minute you slice your first fruit, the graphics start to get better. Now you’re able to see all the juice dripping from the sliced fruit, which to be honest, is kind of addicting to look at! You might ask yourself, “How do I slice fruits?”. You slice fruits by sliding your finger across the fruit, & as a matter of fact you do this for the rest of the game’s options as well. Instead of touching the screen like you find yourself doing in other games, you slide you finger across anything you’d like to ‘click’ on.


  • Once FRUIT NINJA launches, the Home screen should appear, with 3 circles containing fruits. A new feature which was added in an updates is the DOJO, located at the lower left of the screen. Then there’s the ‘New Game’ option which is found right next to the DOJO. Last but not least is the Openfeint feature; located at the top right corner, placed diagonally above the ‘New Game’ option. As I mentioned before, the Home screen could use a bit more graphics, but other than that it’s been designed creatively.
Game Modes
  • Once FRUIT NINJA is launched, you’ll be able to ‘Slice’ the ‘New Game’ option to access the 2/3 finished game modes. Once you’re in that option, you’ll be allowed to pick between two game modes: Classic & Zen Mode. While playing the Classic Mode of FRUIT NINJA, you have to slice as many fruits as possible without slicing bombs. The Player has 3 ‘lives’ which are bombs, once you slice 3 bombs the game’s over. Players can achieve High-Scores by making combos. You make combos by slicing as many fruits as possible in on go (Applies to both Game Modes). While playing the Zen Mode of FRUIT NINJA, you have 90 seconds to slice as many fruits & make the most combos as possible without ‘Lives’ & Bombs. Here’s a tip for high combos: You can use as many fingers for blades as you want. Personally I like the Classic Mode more, because I think it enables you to achieve a higher score than playing the Zen Mode.

Online Features

  • FRUIT NINJA contains Openfeint which allows you to connect with other people around the world, share High-Scores, compete, & much more! To use Openfeint you’ll need to make a FREE account, or sign in with one if you’ve already got one. FRUIT NINJA also allows you to post your latest High-Scores to Twitter & Facebook. I think that this application would be boring without Openfeint because you wouldn’t be able to compete about scores.

All-in-all, I think this applications has potential to become something greater than what it is at the moment. There will definitely have to be future updates to make this possible, I’m sure the developers are thinking about updates. To be honest I got bored really quickly playing this application, even with Openfeint integrated into FRUIT NINJA. In the end it’s just doing the same simple tasks after & after each other. But who knows! Maybe its your type of game.