Temple Run – The Endless Running Game


Temple Run is such a fun time-waster developed and created by Imangi Studios, LLC. It is obvious that the developers behind Temple Run are a very hard-working bunch. Temple Run makes for a very enjoyable and entertaining game, especially when you find yourself bored out of your mind.

Temple Run tests your reflexes as you race down ancient temple walls and along sheer cliffs. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins and power-ups, and see how far you can run. There’s quite a lot of things to do in the World of Temple Run; however, Imangi Studios, LLC has already published their second game in the series: “Temple Run: Brave.”

Temple Run allows you to play with at least 7 different in-game characters; although, you are required to unlock them as the game goes on. Temple Run is compatible with Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements so you can compete with your friends. Trust me, this game will bring out your competitive side… even if you find yourself non-competitive; that’s why having Game Center enabled is such a great feature. As the game continues, one is also able to level-up their character and use crazy power-ups!

Something that I would like to see happen would be a Multi-player mode. I’m not going to lie, the game does lack a bit of competitive fun when it comes to playing with other people and friends. Hopefully that will be something Imangi Studios, LLC might consider for the next update or even the next game.

From what I’ve said, I can tell you that Temple Run is not a bad game; in fact, it’s a must have if you own an iOS device. You can’t go wrong with a free game that offers so much fun and entertainment. I encourage you to download this game as soon as possible.

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NFL 2011: The Free Version Now Available.

Gameloft released the free version of NFL 2011 today, October 25th. If you haven’t yet downloaded NFL 2011, you should definitely stick to the free version & see if you like it. NFL 2011 was developed & published by Gameloft. Below are some of the key features in the full version:

• The official NFL and NFL PLAYERS license brings every team and over 2,000 players to manage and control.
• An impressive level of animation detail and realism for players thanks to motion capture.
• New and even more intuitive controls for running, tackling and more.
• Endless tactical options thanks to the Playbook Editor or the over 200 plays already available.
• Thanks to the official NFL RSS feed, always keep in touch with news about your favorite NFL team.

You are able to upgrade to the full version for only $4.99, but are more than welcome to just stick with the Free version. 🙂 NFL 2011 is definitely a must-have for all football & sports fans!

You are more than welcome to follow Gameloft on Twitter and/or “Like” them on Facebook. Gameloft also updates their blog frequently, click here if you’re interested in reading some of their published articles.

NFL 2011

Angry Birds Halloween: No Free Update [Apps]

Angry Birds Halloween

All of you Angry Birds fans will most likely love the Halloween Angry Birds game that was recently released. The new Angry Birds Halloween game is not a free update for the original Angry Birds app, It’s actually a separate app costing $0.99. You might ask why they would bother to make it a separate app. Honestly, I have absolutely no clue. An interesting thing I noticed while looking at it on the App Store is that the Halloween app was published by Rovio Mobile Ltd. all though the original Angry Birds was published by Clickgamer.com.

The Angry Birds Halloween game consists of 45 Halloween levels, & includes Facebook & Twitter integration. It also contains online leader-boards for the comparison of scores. 🙂 The Halloween application is a bit short, but other than that it’s quite enjoyable to play. I would definitely not pay $0.99 for a one-time (Halloween) game. It’s only worth it, while it’s Halloween.

  • Facebook & Twitter Integration
  • Online Leader-boards
  • “Spooky” Halloween based theme
  • Only 45 Levels
  • Costs $0.99 (Isn’t a FREE Update to the original Angry Birds)

Find out more about Rovio by visiting their website at http://www.rovio.com/

Download Angry Birds Halloween here.

What do you think? Should it have been a FREE Update? Would you pay $0.99 for the Halloween Theme? Tell us in the comments! 😀

iJewels Is The Closest Free Application To Bejeweled That You Can Get!

iJewels might look like a pure copy of Bejeweled Blitz, but in reality, It isn’t really. It doesn’t have the “Bombs”, the “Multipliers”, or even the correct graphics. iJewels is free of charge & is one of the best applications on the App Store as of right now. If you’ve been wanting to purchase Bejeweled Blitz, which costs $2.99, & you just didn’t want to spend that much money, you should consider downloading iJewels. Come on people, it’s free & it’s the closest thing you’ll get to Bejeweled!

iJewels has contains 3 Game Modes:

  • Normal Mode
  • Timed Mode
  • Infinite Mode

Normal Mode lets you play as long as you want. All you do is connect the Gems, like you do while playing Bejeweled Blitz. As you advance each level, it takes longer & longer to complete the current level.

Timed Mode is nothing like Bejeweled Blitz. Bejeweled Blitz allows you to make as many Gem combination’s as possible in under 1 Minute. iJewels on the other hand, allows the user to make as many Gem Combination’s as fast as possible, since if you don’t make any combination’s, the timer will run our. For each combination, the timer increases a little more, until you reach the top, then you’ve reached the next level.

The Infinite Mode of iJewels basically acts like the Normal Mode. It already gives a hint in the name. It allows the user to play Infinitely.

In addition to all those Game Modes, iJewels also features Local Highscores (High Scores achieved ON the device, itself) & Online High Scores (High Scores from people all around the world). If iJewels wouldn’t have this feature, my guess would be that it would be one of the most boring-est ( 😀 ) apps in the Apple App Store.If you love Bejeweled or even Bejeweled Blitz, you should definitely download & at least try-out the Application. Give it a try & tell us what you think. Sounds fair, right? 🙂

Want to download iJewels?  Click here to be directed to the iJewels App Store Page.


iJewelsiJewels HomescreeniJewels

TextNow Offer FREE iPod Touch Texting, Phone Calls, Picture Messaging, & More!

Want to turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone? Easy! Use the application, TextNow, created by EnFlick to do so! TextNow allows the user to have phone calls, voice-mail, call forwarding, text messages, picture messages and an abundance of more features.

All US & Canadian carriers are supported for text messaging. This application was $0.99, but now it’s Free! There are in-app payment offers for more features. I would say that TextNow is the best texting application on the App Store. It beats TextPlus in every way; the Push-Notifications are a lot faster, TextNow also allows the user to customize their “Phone” with backgrounds & what-not.

Let’s look at some of the features TextNow has to offer:
  • Push notifications
  • Horizontal keyboard
  • Playful emoticons
  • Customizable ring-tones
  • Customizable backgrounds
  • Customizable ring-tone for contact
  • Send unlimited texts for free
  • Receive unlimited texts for free
  • Dedicated @textnow.me texting address
  • Works on any iPod Touch and iPhone
  • Works with a 3G, EDGE, or Wifi connection
  • Read messages while offline
  • Personalize the application with different themes
  • Integrate Google Voice SMS with your iPhone

Doesn’t this look way more attractive than TextPlus? We’re talking about a iPod Touch Revolution! All though this isn’t only designed for the iPod Touch, it’s also designed for both the iPhone & the iPad. Isn’t this just revolutionary!

Are you wondering which carriers TextNow supports? Don’t worry! They support all the Carriers in the United States & Canada.

Supported Carriers in the United States:

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Alltel, Cricket, Metro PCS, U.S. Cellular

Supported Carriers in Canada:

Bell, Virgin Mobile, Koodo Mobile, Sasktel Mobility, MTS Mobility

By all means, I would definitely advise you to download this app. It’s worth it! I would even consider purchasing in-app purchases, because the application offers so many great feature! My feedback to EnFlick would have to be nothing really! They’re all doing a great job, & I think they should continue the great work they’re doing! I give TextNow a solid 5/5 Stars for an amazing applications which lets the user do sooo much!

To check out EnFlick’s Website, go to www.Enflick.com

To Download TextNow (Recommended), click here!

We’d like to hear you opinion about TextNow? Would you download it? Tell us in the comments! 😀

Tap Tap Revenge 3. Top App Store Application? [Review]

Tap Tap Revenge 3

Tap Tap Revenge 3 is one of those classic applications for the iPhone & iPod Touch which everyone knows about. The Tap Tap Revenge series, from now on referred by me as TTR, has been around the Apple App Store for quite some time now. TTR3 was released to the App Store somewhere in the fall of 2009, with great expectations. It did serve for some drama & was definitely “the” application to have at the time. Unfortunately, the application lost it’s popular reputation very quick, as TTR3 had, & still has, things that the users don’t like.

In my opinion TTR3 has a very poor UI (User Interface). The developers didn’t seem to care about the UI too much, but more about the new features. It seemed like they were too excited about placing the new features, than creating a good & pleasant-to-use interface.

The application itself. also runs very slowly. It responds extremely slowly, especially while launching the app. TTR3 should also include a better variety of song genres, at the moment it’s mostly Metal & Pop. I understand that the developers want to earn revenue off of users purchasing their favorite songs, but they should at least give a small taste to what users can possible buy. Another great feature that the game has, is that you are able to play against other users that are in a certain distance to your location (People near you). But unfortunately, this never works. I’ve tried to find people that are in a close area to mine, but it always fails.

With that being said, I think that TTR3 is a good application for music-lovers, but lacking a pleasant UI. If you would like to give TTR3 a good try, you may download it here. Thankfully it’s free! 🙂

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