FIFA 13 | A New Beginning!

FIFA 13 has not even been on shelves for a month now and EA Sports has already sold over 4,000,000 copies. To be exact, those 4 million copies were sold in just 5 days after the release, which took place on the 25th of September. I guess there is a reason behind FIFA 13 being the best selling sports title in history. That’s quite an achievement EA, congratulations!

The game has attracted hundreds of complaints after online issues plagued users.

Let’s get to the point. FIFA 13 is a major improvement upon FIFA 12 due to numerous reasons. Electronic Arts has implemented a variety of new features such as: EAS FC catalogue, EAS FC Match Day, skill games, and others. The EAS FC catalogue now allows players to purchase various “boosts” and items which give the player certain rewards. For example, I am at level 50 so I could decide to purchase the “Push ups Goal Celebration” for 600 EAS FC  credits. I find the catalogue to be a neat feature because it allows for more fun and less rage, once you start playing you will understand. 🙂

Skill games played a large part in the promotion of FIFA 13, and I find that it has not lived up to its standards. Yes, the skill games are fun at first, however you will find that they become quite mundane as you progress in your FIFA career. With that being said, they are extremely much fun when you’re bored or trying to compete with your friends.

The FIFA 13 game features real players and team, and is the bestselling sports game in history.

FIFA ultimate team is very different this year, not only has the layout changed dramatically, the modes have been affected as well. The single matches have been removed, however, EA has implemented a new “tournament” mode that replaced the single matches in which you start at division 5 and work yourself towards division 1. I found that FUT 13 is very similar to the “seasons” game mode now, since the only two options of getting into a game is by playing FUT seasons offline or online.

FIFA 13 is by far the better game when compared to the previous FIFA’s, however there’s still some bumps here and there. It’s a really fun and enjoyable game that can be enjoyed by nearly any age groups and provides for a lot of fun and competitiveness among friends. I would recommend to pick up your copy as soon as possible, as I think the price has gone down a bit. Watch the official FIFA 13 trailer below!

FIFA 13 for iOS Screenshots

There hasn’t been a whole lot of news regarding FIFA lately, however, this will be better than nothing. EA Sports has released a few of the FIFA 13 screen-shots for iOS. It looks as like the graphics were improved slightly when compared to FIFA 12. It also looks as like that FIFA 13 will have its own skills stick. I’m guessing ‘skilling’ will be a lot easier and simpler to control in FIFA 13.

There isn’t a whole lot more to say as this news is so vague, but I’ll leave you with some screens from both FIFA 12 & FIFA 13 to compare.
















FIFA 11 Released for iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad. Is it really worth $4.99?

If you are a Soccer Fan & have checked out the FIFA 2010 South Africa World Cup Application, you should definitely consider looking at the new FIFA 11 application created by EA Sports. It was released September 30, 2010 with a price of $4.99 It’s definitely a cheaper way to go than purchasing FIFA 11 for a console. 🙂

iPhone Screenshot 5If you own an Iphone 4 or an iPod Touch 4th Generation, FIFA 11 is made to maximize the Retina Display. In other words, the quality of the graphics are fantastic! Now you can also swipe a player to make an attacking run, which wasn’t available to do in the other FIFA games, such as FIFA 10 & FIFA 09. If you have a favourite team & want to be able to play it against opponents, don’t worry, there are 500+ Teams to choose from. This is a feature which, I think, will attract an abundance of FIFA lovers! EA Sports did another great job on the stadium environments. They look beautiful! They put exact detail into the stadiums, fields, lights, sky, and way more!

Yet, there are some differences in opinions of the game. The users that have already downloaded the game via the 2nd Generation iPod claim that FIFA 11 won’t work, or works extremely slow. This isn’t a good reputation for EA Sports, & this hasn’t happened the first time either. At the moment, FIFA 11 is compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch (3rd generation), iPod Touch (4th generation) and iPad. They all require IOS 3.0 or later. With today’s technology EA Sports should be able to create versions for people that haven’t got the iPod Touch 4th Generation or 3rd.

With this being said, I don’t think FIFA 11 for the iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad will ever be a hit without them changing some serious things. EA Sports should listen to their users, why do we have a Rating system? For the company to look at what the users like & don’t like. I give FIFA 11 a solid 2.5/5.

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Are you interested in purchasing FIFA 11? Are you going to wait for EA Sports to make FIFA 11 compatible for the 2nd Generation? Discuss this topic in the comments.