‘iPad 3’ Cases Shipping To Best Buy ahead of Apple’s Announcement On Wednesday – Report

Best Buy stores have reportedly begun to receive cases sealed in boxes for Apple’s 3rd generation iPad ahead of Wednesday’s unveiling. The cases have shipped in boxes with a pink sticker stating “Do not display until official iPad 3 launch,” an anonymous tipster told PhoneArena.com. Cases for the dubbed “iPad 3” are said to be shipping in bulk, as third-party manufacturers are planning for Apple to begin selling its next iPad soon after it is officially announced.

The report states that:

The shipment is not of just a few cases — there’s over 1,000 Targus Versavu 360 stands for the next-gen iPad shipping to Best Buy, meaning that it won’t be long until the actual tablet hits shelves.”

Multiple leaked components from Apple’s supply chain have suggested the next iPad will feature an external design largely the same as the current iPad 2; however, the “iPad 3” is said to be slightly thicker, with edges mroe tapered than its predecessor. It’s expected that the Apple magnetic Smart Cover will still work with the next iPad, despite minor tweaks to the design. However, Apple’s protective accessory only covers the front, flat screen of the iPad, while many third-party cases cover the aluminum back.

Accessories 2

The rumour that third-party cases are being delivered to Best Buy is supported by a picture that srfaced las week, showing the retailer’s inventory system listing “iPad 3” accessories set to be in stock by next Sunday, March 11. The leaked inventory listings included ZAGG’s InvisibleSHIELD.

The next iPad is expected to be unveiled at Apple’s media event this Wednesday at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California. The event will commence at 10 a.m. Pacific and 1 p.m. Eastern.


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