iPhone 4S’ Now Require Reservations

iPhone 4S

There has been such a large demand for Apple’s new iPhone 4S that Apple has asked people, that are wanting to purchase the 4S, to reserve one. In fact, the handset is selling so well that the Cupertino, California,company is now requiring that potential in-store buyers make reservations online. Currently, all iPhone 4S models are listed with shipping estimates of 1-2 weeks on Apple’s online store.

The 4S has established a new all-time high opening sales record that Apple is having trouble keeping up with the production. Apple has already sold over 4 million iPhone 4S’ in just over 72 hours. Compare this to RIM (Research In Motion) who have sold the same amount from the time RIM launched. Several years ago RIM was still ahead of Apple in the mobile phone market; however, Apple has now sped past RIM at an incredibly fast pace.

There have also been reports of Steve Jobs having worked on the iPhone 5.  Because his time was limited, rumours state that Steve contributed as much of his time towards the iPhone 5. Unfortunately, these reports have not been officially confirmed; however, if this were the case, the iPhone 5 should be a real jewel. Rumours also state that because Steve’s focus was mainly given to the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S was not the prime of attention. Others, not Steve himself, worked & improved on the hardware of the iPhone 4, while Steve had a head-start on the iPhone 5.

Apple is expected to announce their iPhone 5 at one of their conferences summer 2012.  The iPhone 5 is expected to have a full re-design, considering that this years iPhone, the 4S, didn’t feature one. Nothing has been confirmed, but Apple will probably also be looking into an A6 chip for the iPhone 5. The camera may have slight modifications, but shouldn’t change too much, considering its 8 Mega Pixels already.


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