A Look at Google Plus

Google Plus…the next social network. And by far, one of the better products Google has released in the years (yes, it’s better than Google Buzz!). Google Plus launched a few months ago to beta users, and now it’s available to public, with millions of accounts being opened every day!

So they have 5 main features of Google Plus. Circles, Hangouts, Instant Upload, Sparks and Huddle.

Circles is a feature, and basically means “friends.” When you press on the circle page on your profile, you’ll see your friend list. But of course, you have to have friends first! So the friend adding is basically like Twitter. You subscribe to a friend, and they subscribe to you. Simple. And you get to verify people who follow you. Another part of circles is that you can create your own circle. Similar to groups on Facebook, you create a circle name, and then you can drag your friends into that corresponding circle. For example, you could drag all your family members into a family circle.

Next is Hangouts. It’s basically like Skype, video and voice chatting between friends, BUT you don’t have to pay. You can talk with a circle or your friends. Also, if you’re doing a hangout, on your wall will display, “Your name is hanging out with *the number of people your hanging out with.” So they can join too (one thing I don’t like).

Next is the photos (Instant Upload). Uploading photos is easy in Google Plus. You just drag your photos into your uploader. Click Upload New Photos, and just drag your photos in.

Next is Sparks. A feautre that lets you tell people what you’re interested in. Search a topic in your search bar, and click add interest.

Last is Huddle. It’s basically a chat feature, with multiperson capabilities. Google says, “Huddle turns all those different conversations into one simple group chat, so everyone gets on the same page all at once. Your thumbs will thank you.”

The good things to Google Plus is privacy. It allows you to post to your circles, to yourself, and make it non public. It supports mobile devices also.

Some bad things are you have to be over 18. So if you already set your Google Profile to an age under 18, you can’t currently use Google Plus. And you cannot change your age in Google. If you’re making a Plus account, make sure your age is over 18.

So that’s Google Plus. Enjoy!

*As seen on Jordan’s Tech Stop


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