iPhone 5 Case Showing Larger Home Button & Curved Sides

A schematic claimed to be for a case for Apple’s iPhone 5 shows a much larger home button area, however it also shows a slightly larger screen and the return of the curves, like for instance the curves the iPhone 3GS has. The documents are said to come from a Chinese case manufacturer, and were obtained by MobileFun.co.uk.  The picture shows a slightly larger screen and a larger home button area. At the same time, the picture also shows curved edges, similar to some of the previous generation of iPhones. Maybe Apple is considering bringing back the curved edges.

The same report had also reported that the Apple iPhone 5 would have a 3.7″ edge-to-edge screen. This image confirms that report. Reports have confirmed that the iPhone 5 will be quite similar to the iPhone 4, however the design will be a bit different. The camera on the iPhone fifth-generation is said to be 8 megapixel, which is 3 megapixel more than the previous generation’s camera.

The next iPhone will arrive some time later this year. There are rumours that the iPhone 5 will launch together with the iPod Touch 5, but Apple has confirmed nothing regarding this matter.


iPhone 5 Case


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