Photos Claim To Show Prototype Apple iPhone 5 With A Larger Screen

New photos leaked show a prototype Apple iPhone 5 with a larger display, similar to the rumored edge-to-edge iPhone 5 screen. The photos were shared Monday MIC Gadget, which made no claims about their authenticity. The photo shows a white iPhone 5 that looks similar to the iPhone 4, however having a larger display. The front of the rumored iPhone 5 also shows the new proximity sensor spotted on the white iPhone 4, which is set to finally go on sale this week following numerous delays. While one photo shows what appears to be an operational unit, the second picture features what is just a front panel and LCD component, without the rest of the phone. It too, features the new proximity sensor which is located above the earpiece.

The pictures are supported by similar engineering sketches that were first revealed in March. Those “mold engineering drawings” claimed to be for Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone also featured a slightly larger edge-to-edge display.

iPhone 5 1
Currently, the iPhone 4 sports a 3.5-inch display with a resolution of 960 by 640 pixels. Some reports have suggested that Apple is looking to expand the display size to 3.7-inches or 4 inches.
iPhone 5 2
The anticipated fifth-generation iPhone is rumored to arrive later than usual this year, after the typical June launch time-frame. Some reports have suggested that Apple will start production of the device in September, but that the new device’s design will feature only “slight modifications” from the current iPhone 4.

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