Toys R Us May Be Next To Sell iPad 2 In The U.S. Starting In May

New evidence shows us that Apple’s iPad 2 might indeed start selling in U.S. – based Toys R Us stores starting as soon as May, as Apple continues to expand the presence of its popular touch-screen tablet. According to a rumor from ModMyi, Toys R Us is expected to start selling the iPad 2 next month. It would be the first time that the device is available from Toys R Us, considering initial iPad wasn’t sold in any of the company’s stores either. The support for the rumor includes a Toys R Us branded product sheet for the iPad 2 that is expected to make employees familiar with the features & specifications of the new iPad 2. The product sheet also indicates that the official Apple  Smart Cover, VGA Connector and Camera Connection kit will also be available for sale.

While the U.S. based retailer, Toys R Us, has never sold this device before, it has for years sold some of Apple’s other various products including

for example, the iPod Touch & the iPod Nano. The company has also been selling a wide number of accessories that connect to the standard 30-pin connector dock found on iPod, iPhone, & iPad devices. If this rumor is true, Toys R Us might be well on its way to become the next in a growling list of retailers that sell the iPad 2.

The iPad 2 went on sale in the U.S. on March 11th, whereas 25 other countries around the world saw the device launch on March 25th. The iPad 2 arrived at Radioshack, a U.S. based electronic retailer, only 2 days after Apple launched the 2nd generation iPad around the world in 25 new countries. Apple’s launch strategy is definitely a lot more aggressive this year. When the original iPad launched in early 2010, it was only available at certain Best Buy locations & Apple Stores, all though other retailers were added as the year went on.
Do you think Toys R Us is going to be next on the growing list of iPad 2 retailers? Tell us in the comments.

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