92% Of Clorox Employees Picked iPhone Over Other Smartphones

According to a report by Compuerworld, the company, Clorox, stopped issuing Blackberry phones & gave the employees a choice between 3 other smartphones: Apple’s iPhone, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, or Android phones. Of the 2,000 smartphones the company has issued under the new plan, 92% of them are iPhones. The remaining 8% is broken down into 6% for Android and 2% for the Windows Phone 7. RIM‘s Blackberry had been the most popular phone for business work because of its centralized management security credentials. However had largely become a cloud service, making the device itself less important.

“We live in public cloud for mail and messaging,” explained Clorox’ chief information officer Ralph Loura. “I don’t have to worry about security because I don’t sync data to the iPhones. It remains in the cloud. “My job is about how to be the chief risk officer, yet provide choice and flexibility. It’s about putting apps and logistics in the cloud and pushing the user interface to the edge,” Loura said.


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