Apple Is Investigating Verizon iPad 2 Connection Issues

On Friday, April 8th, Apple said in a statement that it was looking into some connectivity issues with the Verizon network that owners of the iPad 2 3G model are experiencing. A large number of users report of having trouble connecting to the Verizon data network with their iPad 2 3G model, especially after turning the 3G service off & back on. A support thread on the Apple discussion forums has drawn more than 80 replies already.

An Apple spokesperson confirmed the issue to All Things Digital on Friday. “We are aware that a small number of iPad 2 customers have experienced connectivity issues with the Verizon 3G network and we are investigating it,” Apple said in a statement. The iPad 2 launched last month with 3 different models: Wi-Fi only, Wi-Fi and AT & T compatible 3G, and Wi-Fi and Verizon compatible 3G. The new Apple iPad 2 has drawn records, all though some readers report of the Wi-Fi and Verizon compatible 3G model to have slower sales than the Wi-Fi only, and AT & T compatible 3G model. It seems like AT & T customers are not experiencing this problem.

The partnership between Apple & Verizon is fairly new & only just started recently. Verizon started selling at its retail stores last October, though it only sold the Wi-Fi model bundled with a Mi-Fi Mobile Hotspot device. AT & T and Apple have been in a partnership for years, though Verizon & Apple launched the iPhone 4 in February 2010. Later, Verizon announced that the iPhone 4 set a record for the largest handset launch in the company’s history.

The connectivity issues aren’t the only thing Verizon customers are facing. There were also early reports of freezing issues with the Facetime video chat feature. Neither of these issues a widespread, it seems that these issues are only affecting a very small percentage of users. If the Verizon connectivity issue stems from an issue with iOS, it may be possible for it to get fixed in iOS 4.3.2. The next iOS update is rumoured to be launched in the upcoming weeks. The update is expected to fix a few bugs & enhance  a few things, though it is not clear as to what might get enhanced or fixed.


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