Apple To Issue iOS 4.3.1 With Security, But Fixes Within Two Weeks [Rumors]

It is rumored that Apple will be releasing a minor update to its mobile operating system for the iPhone & iPad, iOS 4.3.1, in the next couple of weeks. This update is rumored to mainly address bugs & plug security holes. According to Boy Genius Report the much wanted software update is supposed to arrive in 2 weeks. The iOS 4.3.1 update will address all sorts of bugs & security issues with the iPhone & iPad. It is said to also include a fix for a vulnerability that allowed hackers to jailbreak the newly released iPad 2.

It is also said that the iOS software update will include baseband updates for the iPhone 3Gs & the original iPad with 3G. It is reported that the upcoming update will fix an issue with the iOS Springboard and third-party applications not recognizing the gyroscope on the iPad 2.

Boy Genius Reports has, in the past, been correct in pinpointing iOS releases through its sources at wireless carriers. Earlier this month, the website indicated the release of iOS 4.3 would be early, this guess was incorrectly off by a day. We’ll see if Boy Genius Report will be correct this time.


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