Where’s Waldo? HD – In Hollywood: A Must Have For The iPad!

Don’t you remember those fun times as a child? Picking up “Where’s Waldo” books & spending hours trying to find him? Now, you can continue this fun by purchasing Where’s Waldo HD – In HollyWood for only $1.99 Where’s Waldo HD was developed & published by Ludia, the same publisher that published “The Price is Right HD”, which we wrote a review about a couple of days ago. Where’s Waldo HD – In HollyWood was released to the Apple App Store on December 15th, & is probably one of Ludia’s best games! 🙂

Now let’s get into the actual review of the game. The game features a “Story Mode”, a “Vs Odlaw” mode, & a ” Vs. Player” Mode. The story mode features 10 scenes (Pictures) of the “Movie” that the mode is based on. Each scene will have at least 3 different mini-games you can play. Also, you will have to collect at least 3 stars in each scene, for a total of 37 stars at the end of the story mode. In each scene you’ll be able to pick which mini-game you’d like to play. You can play the regular “Find Waldo” in which you’ll need to locate Waldo & other small pictures in the picture. If you don’t want to do that, you’ll also have the choice of playing the same style of game, just a bit harder as the pictures you’ll have to find will slowly disappear. If both of those mini-games aren’t for you, maybe the last one will be. In this mode you’ll have to find pictures in the picture that correspond with the sentence or string of words given to you at the top of the screen. This is probably the easiest mini-game, as the words make it very easy to find the right picture. Those are all the things you have to complete in order to finish the scene, but there’s one bonus you can get. In the picture that you’ll be locating different objects or people, there will also be letters hidden cleverly that spell Hollywood when found.

As we all probably already know, finding Waldo can become a bit frustrating. This is why the developers added a feature that will make it a lot easier for the user to find their specific object or person. This feature is a dog bone. They are hidden all around the picture. You’ll be able to have up to 5 bones only, when you run out, you’ll have to locate some more in order to receive hints.

I must say that all the scenes have great pictures that make it some-what difficult for the user to find their specific object or person. I really like how the developers added different features to the game, such as the various mini-games each scene contains. Without these, Wheres’ Waldo HD would probably become quite boring after some time.

After earning 30 stars in the story mode, the “Vs. Odlaw” mode gets unlocked. The Vs. Odlaw mode is quite fun to be honest. It allows you to continue the fun of finding Waldo in all these Hollywood locations. The environments in Where’s Waldo HD play a crucial role & I think that everyone enjoys exploring Hollywood, am I not right? 🙂

The Vs. Player mode allows you to play against another player on the same iPad. This is another great feature as it offers an abundance of fun, especially when competing! 🙂 In this mode you’ll be able to pick from the 10 different scenes shown in story mode. The first player to find their 5 specified items wins. All though this sounds easy, it’s not as player 2 can easily “come back” & decrease your points by finding their specified items.

Again, Where’s Waldo HD – In HollyWood is definitely great fun for everyone! It offers great joy for a long period of time. It’s definitely not hard to spend 1-2 hours playing Where’s Waldo HD. If you’re a big Waldo fan, you should definitely purchase this application. As of now, there’s absolutely nothing to complain about when it comes to Ludia’s latest game. It even allows the user to have up to 6 different accounts. All I can say is “Wow!”! 🙂 Where’s Waldo? HD – In Hollywood deserves a mega 5/5!

iPad Screenshot 2

Have you already purchased Where’s Waldo? HD – In Hollywood? Do you enjoy playing it? Let us know! 🙂


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