Christmas Update Coming To DoodleJump! Why The Seperate Christmas Special Application?

LimaSky have just announced that they’ve submitted an update to DoodleJump – a Christmas theme. This came a bit surprising as LimaSky released a separate “Christmas Special” application a few days ago. The new application currently costs $0.99 & its theme is obviously Christmas-y. An abundance of people & iOS gamers have questioned LimaSky about Doodle Jump Christmas Special & why they didn’t just make it a regular update. This is LimaSky’s response:

For everyone asking why this is not a free update to the original Doodle Jump: We wanted to make it a free update, just like over 30 FREE updates we have so far made to Doodle Jump, but we were not able to fit all the new graphics within 20mb (cell download limit), and we did not want to remove anything.

Most of the people don’t understand the difference between the two Christmas themes. What’s so special about the separate application? Is it better than the regular DoodleJump update? Does it have better features? We’d actually like to know why it’s worth spending and extra $1 for something we get free anyways. LimaSky better get things straight other-wise they’ll most definitely lose a lot of dedicated “Doodle-Jumpers”. 🙂

Is LimaSky greedy for money? Obviously this free upcoming DoodleJump update worked… why couldn’t LimaSky just abandon the idea of that  separate Christmas Special & focus on this upcoming update? Obviously something’s not right.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2


One thought on “Christmas Update Coming To DoodleJump! Why The Seperate Christmas Special Application?

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