Infinity Blade To Have Update Next Week!

Is Infinity Blade the best iOS game on the App Store? This topic is definitely very controversial as iOS gamers all around the world are debating whether or not Chair Entertainments latest game is the best and most advanced game on the Apple App Store. There’s absolutely no doubt about it, Infinity Blade’s graphics & environments are stunning & most likely the best any game has on the App Store!

“We’re all very thrilled with how cool it looks, but the same amount of time it takes to make a high-res character for Gears is the same amount of time it takes to make one for Infinity Blade or to make these environments,” Chair’s Donald Mustard told Joystiq. “It takes time to make this stuff look awesome, and we want it to look awesome.” It seems as Chair is making great efforts to develop & produce  a game (Infinity Blade) that satisfies every iOS gamer’s gaming needs.

With Infinity Blade’s early popularity on the App Store, Chair’s taking advantage by releasing a first update for its game next week. While some players can’t wait for the big updates such as Multi-player mode, they’ll most likely have too, as Donald Mustard already informed us about how long it takes to produce great features such as the graphics & environments.

Chair stared working on new game material the day after the game’s five-month  ended. It looks like Chair is well prepared and already has a few several updates on their way. In addition to next week’s update, there will also be one in January. Mustard says these couple of updates will provide players with more “Booster Packs” – some additional content to keep things fresh and help entertain players who’ve already mastered all the gear.

Next week’s update includes:

  • Five new weapons,
  • Five new shields,
  • Five new helmets
  • New armor set

This is enough equipment to increase the level cap to 45. There’s also a new enemy type players will square off against called the “Marrow Fiend”.

“There will be new areas to go to, the story will be evolving a little more as you see what the God King is really up to, and we’re going to let people go down into the dungeons,” Donald Mustard confirmed. “For high-level players especially, you’ll start to find some enemies that make the current enemies look like nothing.”

There will also be a full update, in the future, on the much-anticipated Multi-player mode. Unfortunately Chair Entertainment has declined to reveal any information on when this will be happening. All we can do now is hope that it’ll be soon. The Multi-player Update is marked with a “Coming Soon” sign, but that could be ages from now…

“We really do listen to the gamer feedback, reading through the various forums,” co-founder Geremy Mustard said. “There are some things we agree with and somethings we don’t, but the things we do agree with we’re going to be putting into the game and making it better.”

So now you know that Chair Entertainment actually listens to your feedback & could potentially use it in the game! Let’s up that Multi-Player mode will arrive soon! 🙂


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