Dr.NanoX: Incredible Voyage Inside The Body Now Available!

1-2 weeks ago we published a sneak preview of the upcoming Dr.NanoX: Incredible Voyage Inside The Body. Dr. NanoX has finally been accepted into the Apple App Store & currently costs $1.99 Dr. NanoX was developed & published by Mission Critical Studios.

Dr. NanoX is a 3D Platformer where you, Dr. NanoX, shrink down to enter patients that have been quarantined with unknown pathogens, diseases, & parasites. Your job as the player is to kill all pathogens & parasites until your patient is healthy again. When you first start the campaign, an informative tutorial leads you through all the basic controls. The game uses Dual Stick controls, which makes it a lot easier to kill parasites & move around faster. Unfortunately, when moving Dr. NanoX, the game starts to lag a bit & isn’t as smooth. The moving controls could definitely be a lot faster & smoother, since you’d want to kill all your enemies with as little delay as possible. The 3D graphics are definitely good for a start, but could definitely be worked on. The 3D graphics make the game look “rough” & by that I mean not very smooth & elegant. Dr. NanoX is an absolutely new type of game to iOS devices. It’s a never seen before adventure game for the iPhone & iPod Touch!

Dr. NanoX also features Multi-player! In Multi-player you’re able to fly around in a jet-pack blasting your competitors in a grab the blood cell match. Multi-player is definitely a great asset. Multi-player has become a very high demand for iOS gamers these days. Dr. NanoX’s Multi-player is great fun & not worth missing.

Here are some additional features that Dr. NanoX has:

  • Large areas of 3D terrain of environments based on the REAL THING!
  • Grappler Gun, Love Doctor Shrinker Gun, the Irradiator, Jet Pack and much more
  • Large and small Nano Bots, Mutated Creatures, Monster Parasites!
  • Use special weapons to blast your enemies!
  • Global and local leaderboard
  • In-Game Automatic Save Points
  • Submit your score to Facebook and Twitter

As you see, Dr. NanoX features an abundance of more great things! You’ll be able to use lots of special weapons to blast your enemies. The game’s also configured with Facebook & Twitter so that you can easily update your newest scores. The Multi-player mode also brings Global & local leader-boards into the game. You’ll be able to compare your score with friends or other players. Dr. NanoX is also compatible with Apple`s Game Center application where you can battle for scores & get achievements.

We encourage you to give Dr. NanoX: Incredible Voyage Inside The Body a try. See if you enjoy it! If you’d like to learn more about Dr.NanoX, please visit their website or E-mail them through their “Contact Us” page on their website.

iPhone Screenshot 2

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