ZeptoLab Giving Their Early Christmas Gift With “Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift”!

ZeptoLap has just released their latest Application for the Apple App Store. It acts as a “Thank You” to ZeptoLabs fans. It’s called Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift. It’s currently Free, so you better purchase it while it lasts. All though, the Holiday Gift isn’t a complete version, it acts as a second “Lite” Application for the full version, Cut the Rope.

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift features 25 fun Christmas levels with a new feature. ZeptoLab has added stocking into the game. Stockings act as a kind of porthole, where the candy enters a stocking & flies out of another at the speed you dropped it. There will obviously always be at least 2 stockings on the screen. The new stocking feature adds a new type of physics to the Holiday Gift version. It’s definitely a lot of fun! Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is also configure with Game Center & allows you to earn Achievements & battle for the 1st place on the leader-boards with your friends.

Shake your iPod Touch or iPhone while playing the Holiday Gift version for more great surprises!

iPhone Screenshot 3iPhone Screenshot 4


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