Infinity Blade To Have First Update Later This Month!

iPhone Screenshot 4

Chair Entertainment is set to release their first update for their major “Hit”, Infinity Blade, later this month. Infinity Blade was released earlier this week & has already “Stormed” the Apple App Store & is currently the Top Paid Application. Infinity Blade is compatible with the following iOS devices:

Unfortunately Chair Entertainment’s latest game isn’t compatible with the later generation iPod Touch’s & iPhone’s. But with the first update coming this month, it’s impossible to wait patiently. Chair Entertainment has hinted these features, New Areas to conquer! Multiplayer! New Swords, Shields, Helmets, Magic Rings, and Enemies! to come soon. But, unfortunately nobody knows exactly when, as these future features are listed with a “Coming Soon!” sign. It’s not clear if Chair Entertainment will release these features this month or during the next year. Lets all hope that the developers will surprise us with a great Christmas gift!

A more detailed review of Infinity Blade will be published during the next couple of weeks. 🙂

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