Cut The Rope Is A Mind Blowing Puzzle Game! [Review]

Cut the Rope is a great little iOS application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad. It was developed by ZeptoLab & published by Chillingo Ltd. Cut the Rope currently costs $0.99 in the App Store. It’s latest update was today (Dec. 8th, 2010) with “Some optimizations for iPhone”.

Cut the Rope is a puzzle game, quite similar to Angry Birds, but in the end they’re two really different games. Cut the ChillingoRope features 5 magical boxes with 1 magical feature in each of them. The magical features are different in all the 5 boxes. For example, in box number 1 there might be bubbles to transport the candy,  & in box number 2 there might be various “Sliders” which you can slide in order to move the candy attached to the string from Point A to Point B. Each box contains 25 small levels. The aim of each level ( or the game ) is to get a candy from on place to a little green “Monster” named “Om Nom” while collecting 3 Stars on your way. When you manage to get the candy to Om Nom, you’ll be graded by the number of stars you collected & on how long you took. It’s always possible to improve your score! 🙂

Obviously each box gets harder as new features come into game-play, as I explained about in the above paragraph. The latest box ZeptoLab added, is the Cosmic Box, containing all sorts of new features! Don’t worry, there’s definitely going to be more boxes in the future, as there is a “Coming Soon” sign placed in a transparent box after the last box (Cosmic Box).

Cut the Rope features Crystal Integration in which you can save all your high-scores & share them with your friends. Unfortunately Crystal does not work for me, every time I try and open it, Cut the Rope crashes. 😦 It’s not that big of a deal, since the game’s also compatible with Apple’s Game Center, but ZeptoLab should definitely look into fixing that.  Cut the Rope will definitely provide you with an abundance of fun & enjoyment for the future. You’ll definitely have to work hard to earn yourself all the achievements that are listed in Game Center. I’m going to acknowledge ZeptoLab for their great work on Cut the Rope by rating their App Store “Hit” a 4.5/5! 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about Cut the Rope visit Click “Become a Fan” of Cute the Rope to Become a Fan of them on Facebook, or “Follow” it on Twitter.


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