Steve Jobs: MobileMe To Get A Lot Better In 2011

MacRumors is reporting on an E-mail, which it believes to be authentic, that one of its readers received from Steve Jobs. The reader sent the E-mail to Jobs after experiencing frustrations with MobileMe. The reader told Jobs that he`s a huge fan of Apple & “wants to stay inside the Apple ecosystem,” but MobileMe is making it hard to do so.

The reader goes on to tell Jobs that MobileMe is almost “unusable” and cites “unreliable/unpredictable syncing” and “creating duplicate entries” as two examples of the shortcomings of MobileMe. He then asks Jobs to tell him that it will get better soon. Steve Jobs replies with,”Yes, it will get a lot better in 2011.” As we know, Jobs is known for his short & non detailed replies.

Jobs doesn’t refer as to how or why MobileMe will get better, but we must assume that there will be new features or things will get enhanced. Apple recently made MobileMe more unattractive to Apple fans by making its Find My iPhone feature a free service of current generations iPad, iPhones, & iPod Touch’s.



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