Mac App Store To Open December 13th? [Rumour]

mac app store on a macbook air

An inside source has apparently told AppleTell that Apple is looking at launching the Mac App Store on December 13th. Apparently, the company told developers to have their software ready for a launch as early as December 6th. But as today is December 6th & Apple has made no announcements regarding the Mac App Store, we doubt it’s going to happen today. Steve Jobs does want the Mac App Store to be released as soon as possible. There is definitely a push to release it before Christmas. Apple is well ahead of schedule. The Mac App Store was originally planned to be released

in early January 2011 & now that an inside source has given hints about a potential release on December 13th, there’s no doubt that Apple’s ahead of their schedule!

If the Mac App Store really gets released on December 13th, Apple fans will be extremely happy for Apples early Christmas gift. Developers will finally be able to get their software “out there” & make some extra “pocket-money” for the Christmas holidays. Well, all we can do now is wait. We’ll have to see if the inside source was correct.

What’s your opinion on this rumour? Do you think Apple’s really ahead of their schedule? Are you excited for the opening of the Mac App Store? Tell us in the comments! 🙂

20 thoughts on “Mac App Store To Open December 13th? [Rumour]

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