Twitter & Ping Get Together. Take That Facebook!

It looks like Apple has just introduced Twitter integration to its Ping music social network. When you navigate to the Ping page in iTunes, you’ll most likely find a dialog box at the top prompting you to connect to your Twitter account.

When connecting Twitter & Ping, you’re allowing Apple’s services to share your “Likes” & other activity on Ping with your Twitter followers. For example, liking a song/album, produces a tweet that shares a link to the song/album on the iTunes Store, & adds an #iTunes hashtag.

Your Ping landing page now shows a “Find people you follow on Twitter” link in addition to searching by name and inviting them by email. As of this writing, clicking that link just displays a screen telling me I “have no friends on Twitter who are also connected to Ping.”

Will Twitter integration help Ping become more relevant? Will it erase the sting of having no Facebook connection? Let us know what you think in the comments, as well as how it’s working for you.

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