WeatherEye: A Fantastic Weather Application For The iPhone

WeatherEye is a great application for finding out the current weather conditions in any given region. WeatherEye was published by Pelmorex Media Inc. & is currently free on the Apple App Store. It’s good information & lay-out give the user exactly what they need. All though it might not always be correct, I doubt you’ll be able to find a different weather application that is 100% correct with its calculations.

WeatherEye lets you chose as many regions that you want to view weather conditions for, then you can choose the ones you want to view. For each region, the app allows you to view the “Current” conditions, the “Short Term” conditions, & the “Long Term” conditions. This is quite handy as it gives the user a variety of options. But that’s not it! It also enables the user to view the “Hourly” Forecast, & look at maps of different areas. This provides you everything you need!

All though the design isn’t the best & the developers didn’t take full advantage of the iPod‘s capabilities ( Multi-touch, swiping, etc…), the application is still “usable“. That’s pretty much the only downside. WeatherEye deserves a solid 3/5!

To download WeatherEye, visit the AppStore.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 3

Have you tried WeatherEye? Is it really worth getting? Let us know in the comments!

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