Palringo: A Great Way To Stay Connected!

Have you every searched for an application that would allow you to connect with you friends using Facebook Chat, Google Talk, MSN, or even Jabber? I found an application that will let you do just this & a lot more things! It’s called Palringo! Palringo (Free) requires you to set up an account in order to add services such as Facebook Chat, MSN, & Google Talk. You can connect to your friends in all the different Instant Messaging for free, isn’t that great!?

Palringo also enables you to join & set up groups. You are able to create or join a group that’s interested in News, Sports, Games, etc… If you’ve created a group, then why not get people to join it? 😀 You are able to chat with-in the group (directed at all the members) or a private chat (Chat with a certain member of the group). Groups is definitely a great feature for setting up clans or even guilds if you may.

Palringo is a great app for connecting with people you know & people you have yet to meet! You can currently purchase Palringo for Free.  Who knows… it might go up in price, so you’d better catch it before it does!

To purchase Palringo, click here.

If you’d like to learn more about Palringo’s features, or even download it for your PC or Mac, visit it’s website.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 5

Are you willing to try out Palringo? Why or why not?


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