iOS 4.2 Beta: Indicator of a Future All-Cloud Apple?

In an article today on AppleInsider, Josh Ong details changes in the upcoming iOS 4.2 software update. One small detail caught my eye: There’s an option to enter an Apple ID username and password in the MobileMe setting. It’s a subtle addition, but it might just be the seed of a revolution in personal computing.

Apple appears to be encouraging MobileMe subscribers to connect their accounts with their Apple ID.

It looks like Apple is making it possible for iOS-device owners to use MobileMe by signing-in with their Apple IDs – and perhaps, tie together their existing accounts. In this one small step lies the key to an amazing array of functionality.

The Apple ID is used in many places: on the desktop for authorising a Mac/PC with an iTunes account, in the iTunes Store for making purchases, setting-up and using a Ping (and perhaps, one day soon,Facebook) account, storing and sharing documents on, and using FaceTime on the Mac as a core account (with MobileMe or other email addresses added afterward). It’s also used when making purchases from the Apple online store. In time, it’s safe to assume it’ll be used on the upcoming Mac App Store, too.

MobileMe, on the other hand, is used primarily to synchronise email, contacts and calendars, along with bookmarks and, if you like, System Preferences and even Keychains across Macs.

So, to echo Steve JobsWhat if an Apple ID and a MobileMe account got together? I think the offspring would be nothing less than revolutionary.

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