NFL 2011: The Free Version Now Available.

Gameloft released the free version of NFL 2011 today, October 25th. If you haven’t yet downloaded NFL 2011, you should definitely stick to the free version & see if you like it. NFL 2011 was developed & published by Gameloft. Below are some of the key features in the full version:

• The official NFL and NFL PLAYERS license brings every team and over 2,000 players to manage and control.
• An impressive level of animation detail and realism for players thanks to motion capture.
• New and even more intuitive controls for running, tackling and more.
• Endless tactical options thanks to the Playbook Editor or the over 200 plays already available.
• Thanks to the official NFL RSS feed, always keep in touch with news about your favorite NFL team.

You are able to upgrade to the full version for only $4.99, but are more than welcome to just stick with the Free version. 🙂 NFL 2011 is definitely a must-have for all football & sports fans!

You are more than welcome to follow Gameloft on Twitter and/or “Like” them on Facebook. Gameloft also updates their blog frequently, click here if you’re interested in reading some of their published articles.

NFL 2011


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