WordPress For The iPad. Update Posts Directly From Your iPad. [Reviews]


WordPress brings along great things for the iPad. The official WordPress application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad was updated on October 12, 2010 making it a lot better to use. Once you download & launch the app, you’ll be required to enter the user-name & password of your blog, once that’s set up, you’ll be all ready to go!

Unfortunately you’ll not be able to view your stats and/or make significant changes to your blog, such as themes, widgets, etc… It contains pretty basic features such as writing posts, approving/deleting comments, looking at your media, previewing certain posts & photos, & being able to change your settings. This is definitely a good app if you catch yourself being away from home more often. Why don’t you just write a quick post via your iPad? 🙂

This is definitely great for blogger’s multiple blogs, because WordPress for the iPad allows you to add as many blogs as you’d like.

The only thing I don’t like about this application, is that you aren’t capable of looking at your stats. Stats are a major feature in WordPress that you’d also like to have in the iPad version.

  • Being able to check comments
  • Easy UI
  • No Stats
  • Not being able to customize your blog

For more information on WordPress for the iPad, click here. If you’d like to download WordPress for your iPad ($0.99), visit the App Store.

iPhone WordPress


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