“Back To The Mac” Event Full Review.

Yesterday, Wednesday October 20th, Apple unveiled some major new features regarding their products, at a press conference on Apple Campus. The conference was approximately 90 Min. long & included a breakfast & lunch buffet. Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, announced 5 Major things:

  • The new 11″ & 13″ MacBook Air’s
  • iLife 11
  • Mac OS X Lion
  • A Brand new App Store for Mac users
  • Facetime for the Mac

Let me start off by telling you a bit more about the new MacBook Air. There now is a 13″ MacBook Air with an abundance of enhanced features. For example, the battery life has been extended to approx. 5-7 hours. There is also a way bigger Flash Storage available now. The maximum flash storage is 256 GB on the new 13″ MacBook Air & the lowest is currently 64 GB on the 11″ model. The processor in the 13″ Air shows a definite increase in speed than the one of the 11″. The 13″ Air now has 1.86 GHz instead of 1.4 GHz. Of course the new model already includes iLife 11 once you purchase it.

11" MacBook Air 13" MacBook Air

iPhoto 11 iLife 11 includes iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband, iWeb, & iDVD. iPhoto has received some major changes… good changes. The following lists the new features of iPhoto 11:

  • Enjoy stunning new full screen views for Faces, Places, Events and Albums.
  • Email photos using one of eight beautiful Apple-designed themes.
  • Share photos with your Facebook friends and see their comments right in iPhoto.
  • Completely new approach to creating pro-quality books and cards.
  • Create new letterpress photo cards that look and feel beautiful.
  • Choose one of 12 slideshow themes that showcase your photos in full screen.

The thing I like about iPhoto 11 is that you’re now capable of E-mailing photos using 1/8 designs while you’re using iPhoto. You’re not required to leave iPhoto, neither does it take you somiMovie 11ewhere else, you can E-mail your photos right in iPhoto 11. I also enjoy the full screen mode, which now allows you to easily focus on the new Faces, Places, Events, & Albums. That’s what got changed in iPhoto 11. Now let’s move onto iMovie 11. The following are the changes made to iMovie 11:

  • Make fun Hollywood-style movie trailers in just a few clicks.
  • Create the perfect soundtrack with easy-to-use audio editing controls.
  • Apply visual effects such as slow motion, a dream haze, and more with one click.
  • Quickly find the clips you need with People Finder.
  • Turn your video into a broadcast news or sports segment just like those on TV.
  • Publish your movies on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, CNN iReport, and more.

GarageBand 11I really love the new Hollywood-style movie trailers. It’s the absolute truth, it really allows you to create fantastic movie trailers, the ones you would see in theaters, with just a few clicks here & there. The other improvements are pretty self-explanatory. Let’s move onto GarageBand:

  • Tighten the timing of your recordings with Flex Time.
  • Match the rhythm of all tracks with one single track using Groove Matching.
  • Re-create the sound of legendary guitar rigs and pedals using new guitar amps and effects.
  • Learn to play piano or guitar at your own pace. And see how accurately you’ve performed with “How Did I Play?”

GarageBand will probably be a hit for an abundance of people. People that enjoy listening to music & want to try to learn how to play piano or guitar would be fascinated by this program. It’s like a real life tutor, but only a computer… ( No rhyme intended :P) If you’d like to learn guitar or piano, you should definitely consider checking out GarageBand 11. There weren’t really any significant changes made to iWeb & iDVD, so I won’t be able to review them.

I know that this is an extremely long post, but bear with me. Next up is the new OS Apple announced. It’s called Mac OS X Lion. One of the main reasons the press conference was title “Back to the Mac”, was because they wanted to bring all the great features of the iPhone & iPad back to the mac. Apple had this cycle of putting features from the Mac OS into the iPhone. Then came the iPad, which had an even better OS with an abundance of better features. But now they would like to bring all this back to the Mac. Get it? 😀 This brings me to my next point. Jobs also announced that they were going to publish an ApMac OS X Lionp Store for the Mac, called the Mac App Store. The Mac App Store will allow developers to develop games for the mac, that people are then able to download. Apple will collect 30% of the revenue, whilst the developer will take-in 70%, like with the iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch. This will be an interesting feature, because nobody knows if the Mac App Store will become a true success.

The last point I’d like to talk about is FaceTime. A lot of Apple users have been complaining about the fact of not being able to FaceTime with their friends while using certain devices. For example, it wasn’t possible for iPhone users to FaceTime their friends on a Mac. But Apple took control of this problem & created a FaceTime for Mac, which now enables Mac users to video chat with friends that own an iPhone and/or iPod Touch. This is definitely a great fix!

FaceTime Logo for Mac

To find out more about the features announced at the Back to the Mac event yesterday, visit Apple.com


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