Echofon For iPhone & iPod Touch. Best Twitter Application Yet!

Echofon for the Apple iPhone & iPod Touch, is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your Twitter Friends & Followers! Echofon was created & published by Naan Studio, Inc. It’s currently listed as Free on the Apple App Store, but who knows, this might change… very soon. I find this app fulfills all my “Twitter needs”, to be honest, I would say this is better than the application Twitter brought to the iPhone & iPod Touch.

Echofon allows you to add as many Twitter accounts as you want. You can switch through all your accounts, with just a few taps. Once you’ve chosen your account, you can view all the Tweets on your Time-line, under “Home“, or look at your mentions, simply by tapping “Mentions“. 🙂 If you’ve checked those all already, you can either check your Messages or Lists.

Echofon works extremely well, & is a pleasure to have on my iPod Touch. All though the advertisement gets really annoying sometimes, it’s definitely one of the best Twitter apps on the App Store. The application receives all new tweets exactly at the time when they were posted. Absolutely no delays!

  • Simple & Great User-Interface
  • Add Multiple Accounts
  • Able to do anything that you could do on the Actual Twitter Website
  • Advertisement

Overall I would rate Echofon 4/5, because there are a few things that could be better, such as advertising. I would still strongly recommend you to purchase this application.

If you’re interested in downloading Echofon, click the following link:

Want to find out more about Echofon, the visit it’s web page:



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