Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus For iPhone & iPod Touch Now Available! Best FPS On App Store!

Modern Combat 2: Black PegasusFinish What You Started. That’s the new slogan for Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus. Modern Combat 2 contains so many new features, that it clearly resembles the best FPS on the Apple App Store yet. The game was developed & produced by Gameloft, an American company that specializes in developing games for devices such as the iPhone, the iPod Touch, mobile Phones, & many more. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus was released by the App Store on October 7th, 2010 with already more than 1000’s of downloads. Modern Combat 2 is also featured as Apple’s “App Of the Week”, which is truly remarkable considering it was only just released several days ago. Let’s get down to the details…

Two of the main new features is the Ranking System, consisting of 72 Ranks, & the new Online player capacity. Modern Combat 2 now allows a maximum of 10 players (Modern Combat only allowed a max. of 4 players) , which gives the game a good Multi-Player reputation. With the new game modes, a max. of 10 Players/Online game, makes the game “that” much more enjoyable.  Coming to my next point… Game Modes! There are 4 Game Modes for Modern Combat 2, consisting of 2 new Modes. With “Battle” & “Team Battle” already being in the last series of Modern Combat, Modern Combat to now offers two new Modes… “Capture the Flag” & “Defuse the Bomb”. These additional modes should be quite self-explanatory to you. Having a max. of 10 Players, makes each of the Modes so much more remarkable, especially with all the action going on.

Now that I got the Online Multi-Player Specs out of the way, let’s concentrate on the offline specs. The new Campaign is truly the best one yet. The detail & graphics are great! With the Campaign being longer than usual, you’ll won’t be finding yourself bored for quite some time! 😀 With all the new guns & knifes, Modern Combat 2 really is a success!

Need I say anymore? Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus is the way to go for FPS addicts. Unfortunately the game itself costs $6.99 at the moment, but HEY! it’s better than paying $50-$60 for a Console Game. I predict that once the right time comes, Gameloft will lower the price… maybe $4.99, like several of their other games.

  • Ranking System (Consisting of 72 Ranks; XP Points)
  • Better Selection of weapons, including Knives
  • More opponents (Max. of 10 in an Online Match)
  • More Maps
  • More Game Modes
  • Awesome Campaign (Very Long)
  • Some Lag (Depends on Your Internet Connection)
  • Re-Spawing Issues
  • Price of $6.99

Download Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Here!

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Have you bought the Game? If so, how do you like it? Pros/Cons? Tell us in the Comments down below! 🙂

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