Google Goggles Now Available For The iPhone! Great Application!

Google Goggles, an application designed for searching by just taking a picture, is finally here for the iPhone!

Google Goggles launched as an Android Application in December last year. It works by recognizing pictures & words with-in it, & then creating search results for things as books, business cards, etc… It also has the incredible feature of recognizing landmarks, paintings, & other historical objects, such as the Eiffel Tower. 🙂

10 months have passed & Google had time to make Google Goggles recognize more objects with a way better accuracy. After making an abundance of changes to the Android application, Google decided it was time for the iPhone users to have a go at it. It’s now available for download in the Apple App Store.

Unfortunately Google Goggles can’t recognize food & animals… yet. I bet Google’s trying to make this possible, but for this to happen, we’ll have to be patient for some time. Google Goggles will most likely get an update sooner or later, but for now, Android & IOS users are only able to search for Pictures, Historical Objects, & landmarks.

Google Goggles requires a camera to have Auto-Focus, so unfortunately it’s only available to the iPhone 3GS & iPhone 4 users running IOS 4.0 or later. Watch this video to find out more about Google Goggles.

What’s your opinion of Google Goggles? Is it worth downloading? iPhone users, are you going to download Google Goggles? Discuss this topic in the comments!


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