Dominion for iPhone & iPod Touch on the App Store!

Dominon for the iPhone & iPod Touch is a fantastic & entertaining game. It resembles “Risk”, the Hit board game, but in it’s own way. Dominion isn’t like Risk at all, in fact it’s a lot better. Dominion’s been on the App Store for quite some time now, & it’s one of the more popular games. Let’s look at what it has to offer…


  • – Local and online game play
  • – Play modes: Classic world domination, or modern objective based play
  • – Earn rewards to power-up your army
  • – Up to 5 players per game
  • – Challenging AI opponents and difficulty levels
  • – Multiple maps to conquer
  • – Crystal social gaming integration


  • – Play anyone, anywhere over WiFi or 3G
  • – Asynchronous Play: Take your turn wherever, whenever you’re ready
  • – Browse games via our online game lobby
  • – Compete against players worldwide, in multiple ranking categories
  • – Persistent player statistics

Dominion features Asynchronous Play, meaning that you’ll be able to play whenever & wherever you want! When you join a game, the details will display a certain, which represents the time you ( and others) have to complete your turn. The time’s range anywhere from 5 minutes – 24 hours. At first I was very skeptical of this feature, but now I love it.  Dominion lets you play Online ( 10 Games -at the same time- Max.) & offline.

In addition to all the features listed above, I’d like to mention how very smooth & sharp the graphics are. It’s a pleasure to play Dominion & I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys playing strategy type of games.

You can Follow Chillingo (Publisher) on Twitter & Facebook under these links:



App Store – Dominion

Dominion HD for iPad.

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