Software Dev’s see Android being stronger than IOS

Figures that just came in from a survey of developers by Appcelerator and IDC have found that approximately 60% of developers look at Android as a better bet for the future, all though 35% remain with the thought of IOS being the most dominant. There is a slight change from the previous survey where 55% of the developers where favoring Android, whilst 40% where favoring Apple.

The reason of this belief seems to be that Android will be available on more hardware than Apple, in addition to that, Android is also known through out the world. Samsung is also about to release their own Tablet PC name the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which will be one of Apple’s many competitions. Another competition for Apple was announced today; RIM announced that there will be a Blackberry Tablet OS & a Blackberry Playbook. Many people now believe that the main competition is between Apple (IOS) & Google (Android), that may be the case, but now other companies such as RIM (Blackberry) are getting in between & want a bigger piece of Market Share.

But unfortunately, there still are some problems with Android, for example: Different screen sizes, different versions of Android running on these devices. If Google tidies up a bit of their mess, if not everything, they’ll definitely be more of a threat to Apple than at the moment.

What do you think? Do you think Google is going to take most of the Market Share? Do you think Google will be able to tidy up their mess? Let us know in the comments.


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