Fruit Ninja for iPhone & iPod Touch Now Available!

Normally cutting fruits is boring & non-fun; but now there’s FRUIT NINJA! FRUIT NINJA is an application created for the Iphone & Itouch, and recently FRUIT NINJA HD was released for the Ipad. The application was created with a lot of creativity, you notice this while playing the game, because of it’s unique User-Interface. Once you launch the application, a creative Home screen will appear. Although the graphics are well thought through & well designed, I think they could be improved. The graphics look a bit old-schooled; once you play FRUIT NINJA you may or may not realize what i’m saying. The aim of FRUIT NINJA is to slice as many fruits as you can without slicing bombs(1 Type of Gaming Mode). The minute you slice your first fruit, the graphics start to get better. Now you’re able to see all the juice dripping from the sliced fruit, which to be honest, is kind of addicting to look at! You might ask yourself, “How do I slice fruits?”. You slice fruits by sliding your finger across the fruit, & as a matter of fact you do this for the rest of the game’s options as well. Instead of touching the screen like you find yourself doing in other games, you slide you finger across anything you’d like to ‘click’ on.


  • Once FRUIT NINJA launches, the Home screen should appear, with 3 circles containing fruits. A new feature which was added in an updates is the DOJO, located at the lower left of the screen. Then there’s the ‘New Game’ option which is found right next to the DOJO. Last but not least is the Openfeint feature; located at the top right corner, placed diagonally above the ‘New Game’ option. As I mentioned before, the Home screen could use a bit more graphics, but other than that it’s been designed creatively.
Game Modes
  • Once FRUIT NINJA is launched, you’ll be able to ‘Slice’ the ‘New Game’ option to access the 2/3 finished game modes. Once you’re in that option, you’ll be allowed to pick between two game modes: Classic & Zen Mode. While playing the Classic Mode of FRUIT NINJA, you have to slice as many fruits as possible without slicing bombs. The Player has 3 ‘lives’ which are bombs, once you slice 3 bombs the game’s over. Players can achieve High-Scores by making combos. You make combos by slicing as many fruits as possible in on go (Applies to both Game Modes). While playing the Zen Mode of FRUIT NINJA, you have 90 seconds to slice as many fruits & make the most combos as possible without ‘Lives’ & Bombs. Here’s a tip for high combos: You can use as many fingers for blades as you want. Personally I like the Classic Mode more, because I think it enables you to achieve a higher score than playing the Zen Mode.

Online Features

  • FRUIT NINJA contains Openfeint which allows you to connect with other people around the world, share High-Scores, compete, & much more! To use Openfeint you’ll need to make a FREE account, or sign in with one if you’ve already got one. FRUIT NINJA also allows you to post your latest High-Scores to Twitter & Facebook. I think that this application would be boring without Openfeint because you wouldn’t be able to compete about scores.

All-in-all, I think this applications has potential to become something greater than what it is at the moment. There will definitely have to be future updates to make this possible, I’m sure the developers are thinking about updates. To be honest I got bored really quickly playing this application, even with Openfeint integrated into FRUIT NINJA. In the end it’s just doing the same simple tasks after & after each other. But who knows! Maybe its your type of game.


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